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Fully Charged eBike
Gocycle G3 Battery
2-3 Days

Gocycle G3 Battery


This battery is compatible with either GoCycle G2 or G3.

G2 Battery = 232 Watt Hours capable of between 20-40 miles (10.75Ah, 22V) 

G3 Battery = 300 Watt Hours capable of between 30-50 miles (13.5Ah, 22V)

This is a brand new battery that can be used to replace either an old or damaged one.

Please contact us for international shipping of these batteries. 

eBike Specifications

  • Type Lithium Ion
  • Voltage 36V
  • Weight 2.5Kg
  • Capacity 312Wh
  • Charge Time 5.5 Maximum Charge Time

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