Fully Charged are delighted to be the exclusive distributer of Stromer electric bikes in London. At the forefront of ebike innovation and development, Stromer's 3 main strengths lie within the authenticity of their ebikes, the unique electrical components and the complete system integration.

Stromer was founded in Switzerland by Thomus Bingelli, after he was inspired by new technology from Tesla, Thomas created a brand that differentiates itself with in-house technologies, innovation and exceptional quality.

In 2014, they created a digitally connected bicycle using Omni - a cloud based platform that communicates with the rider. The Stromer app enables the rider to tune the performance of the bike and it even allows you to lock and unlock your bike, which goes a long way to preventing theft. With Stromer you experience Swiss quality and inventiveness on two wheels. They build premium ebikes with scintillating speed that are intuitively operated. 

A stromer bike is the sophisticated way to commute, allowing for a stress free and sweat free journey

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Stromer ST1

Stromer ST1

Stromer ST1 Electric BikeThe Stromer ST1 is the ideal mode of transport for any short to medium jour..

£2,995.00 Ex Tax: £2,495.83

Stromer ST2 S

Stromer ST2 S

Stromer ST2 S Electric BikeWhen every minute of your morning routine counts, with the ST2 you simply..

£8,995.00 Ex Tax: £7,495.83