BH eMotion

BH eMotion E-Bikes

Born in 1909, it was in 2008 that BH produced their first electric bikes as part of their eMotion range.

Still run by one of the original Beistegui family they have maintained their commitment to cycling through continued innovation, environmental responsibility and reliability. The Vuelta Espana (Tour of Spain) has been won twice on BH bikes and the notorious Alps d'huez has one of it's bends named after a BH bike rider (Fede Etxabe).

The eMotion Range

BH now produce six different types of bike as part of the eMotion range- the Nitro, Revo, Evo, Evo AWD, Easy Go and Xenion. The Nitro and Easy Go, have rear motors, the Revo and Xenion have centrally mounted motors and the Evo and Evo AWD have rear / double motors.

Now with good experience in the electric bike market they are producing great urban, mountain and folding electric bikes on hub and crank driven motors. We have been previewed the 2016 range and are very excited for the future of this good Spanish brand.

The 2017 BH eMotion Range

The new 2017 BH eMotion range of electric bicycles are the perfect hybrid electric bikes for use in town and around the countryside. This year they increased the size of their range to 61 bikes and their new EVO Pro models now use Bosch's new 500Wh batteries.

They have updated the LCD displays of their bikes to include more useful information, including an approximate distance the rider can continue to use the bike for with their current level of charge and pedal assistance setting. They have also created a new App that allows riders to use GPS to track their bike if it is stolen and use AWD to change the way the motor feeds power to the wheels.

All of their bikes come with a large range of gears, hydraulic disc brakes and regularly with half and full suspension.

If you are looking for the ultimate hybrid for speed and style then we would recommend looking further into the Bh eMotion range and then getting in contact with Fully Charged to arrange a test ride.

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