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Abus Bordo GRANIT X-PLUS 6500 Folding Lock


Abus Gold Rated Folding Lock

✔ Gold Rated

✔ 5.5mm Hardened Steel with protective coating to prevent scratches

✔ Mounting case included

✔ 85cm standard, 110cm upgrade available

✔ 2 encoded dimple keys included

The Abus Bordo 6500 folding lock is built with 5mm steel bars with a protective coating that protects the bike frames from being damaged. Attachable onto most bicycle frames, the Abus lock simply screws in to where a water bottle holder is placed, making it highly portable with minimal fuss.

This lock has a total length of 85cm and is of a Gold Standard, which will validate your insurance.  

The bars are linked by special rivets that enable compact folding and maintains the ability to lock large bikes - perfect for some electric bike frames! The Abus Extra Classe lock cylinder has encoded dimple keys, that are difficult to replicate. In addition, it features a soft touch silicone body cover.

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