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Benelli City Link Sport


Benelli City Link Sport: the perfect city eBike

The Benelli City Link Sport has been specifically designed for pure enjoyment and practicality around the city, or on light trails. With its 20” wheels it will deliver a solid ride all day everyday. With rapid acceleration and beautiful design, it stands out aesthetically, while also combining an 8-speed Shimano gear system and a 250W motor to provide an exceptionally versatile ride.

Main Features

  • The City Link Sport’s unique style incorporates elements of a BMX, off-road bike and a traditional road bike in one dynamic looking package.
  • Its front suspension and appropriately small wheels create a versatile e-bike that is equally at home cruising through the streets as it is tackling light trails out in the country.
  • The LCD handlebar mounted display, clearly shows the speed, battery level, power assistance and distance travelled, providing a fully-informed next-gen riding experience.
  • The Light-weight design, that includes Aspe front and rear disc brakes offers perfect control in any weather.

Speed and Suspension in One Unique e-Bike

The Spinner grind suspension forks will deal with difficult conditions, whilst the disc brakes finish off the sports bike package perfect for the ultimate control in any weather. The effective suspension on the e-bike’s front forks kicks in when riding over tough terrain or pot holes, compressing enough to ensure maximum comfort when riding.

Perfectly Placed Power When You Need It

The City Link Sport is powered by a Samsung Lithium battery connected to the 250W front hub motor blissfully achieving a top speed of 15.5mph for up to 30 miles. The battery can be re-charged in 4-6 hours, and its position of the battery maintains the normal balance of the bike, allowing you to have a completely traditional riding experience. The City Link Sport comes with an LCD handlebar mounted display that shows speed, battery level, power assistance level and the distance travelled, and the amount of power given by the battery can be conveniently changed using the handlebar mounted buttons. This allows you to regulate how you use the battery over longer journeys.

The City Link Sport is available in black or white and available for test rides at our Fully Charged showroom on Bermondsey street.

eBike Specifications

  • Battery Samsung 36V 8AH
  • Range Up to 30 miles
  • Brakes APSE Mechanical disc brakes
  • Drive Train Shimano Acer M360, 8 speed
  • Frame Aluminium 6061 36.5cm
  • Front Fork Shocks Spainner grind, 20"
  • Speed Up to 15.5mph
  • Weight 18 Kg

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