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Supernova E3 V6S


Supernova E3 V6S

Supernova have set a new benchmark for electric bicycle lights with their powerful and lightweight products. Specifically designed for electric bikes, the light seamlessly works off the main controller on a modern e-bike, saving the hassle of a separate battery that requires charging and replacing.

The E3 V6S has an output of 205 Lumens which provides a wide and bright scope of the road while not dazzling other road users. The low beam mode can adapt the beam to the focal point of the rider and extend the illumination of the road ahead when at higher speeds. It is also robust enough to withstand extreme conditions.

The E3 V6S headlight offers incredible efficiency using small amounts of power from the motor of the e-bike, a flexible Eco mode is also available to the rider saving up to 50% energy. It truly is the best bicycle light on the market by a mile.

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