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How a bike beats a van and the Government chips in.

eCargo bikes are a tactical solution to growth that many business owners are choosing. It’s one that we answer with a range of eCargo bikes and help to apply for the eCargo bike grant scheme.

Words By Tristan

So, let’s not get too romantic about eCargo bikes and why they’re great. We know it’s dry in a van and that you’ve got a lot of drops to do.

After all, that’s what you do, right? Make deliveries in and around a fairly small area - you know the back doubles and you know where the parking spots are.

But how about that? How about if you didn’t need to use the van for that patch and could release it to go a bit further afield? How about if your business radius grew and it didn’t mean bringing on another van, insurance and driver with a clean license?

How about if you could service the smaller area with anyone, even a part-timer, and let the experienced driver extend your range?

This is a tactical solution to growth that many business owners are choosing. It’s one that we answer with a range of eCargo bikes, for all the reasons above.


eBikes for all reasons

Got a laundry that does home and business pick-ups? There’s an eCargo bike for that.

Got a butchery that delivers? There’s an eCargo bike for that.

Flower shop? Bakery? Printer? Soap business? Catering delivery? Book shop? You get the picture.

If you can recover the VAT on your purchase and get the UK Government’s eCargo Bike Grant, you’re already looking at up to 40% off the list price. After writing it off over three years, an eCargo bike can be amazingly good value. Try doing that with a van.


About Fully Charged

We have been selling eBikes since 2014. What we don't know about meeting the demands of a growing business isn’t worth talking about - because we are one, and we rely on eBikes ourselves. 

So, if you think an eCargo bike might be worth looking at, get in touch. We have a range of bikes available to test ride at Fully Charged in Silverstone Park and we can also help you apply for the eCargo Bike Grant Fund.

Why not come over to Silverstone and have a look? Please book a time so we can give you our undivided attention. Request a test ride here and click on Silverstone or call us on 01865 522122.


What is the eCargo Bike Grant?

In recognition of the importance of eCargo bikes and their huge potential for use within UK industry, the Department for Transport together with theEnergy Saving Trust have created the eCargo Bike Grant Fund, a £2 millionpot available to support organisations with the purchase of eCargo bikes for business use

What does the eCargo Bike Grant cover?

The grant covers up to 20% of the total cost of an eCargo bike – up to a maximum of £1000 per bike - and is capped at 50 eCargo bikes, or £50,000 per organisation.

Is my company eligible?

For full terms and conditions relating to the grant, please read the Department for Transport eCargo Bike Grant Eligibility Criteria document. For further details, including some FAQs, there is also the eCargo Bike Grant Fund Information pack, which you can view HERE.


Not yet sure how an eCargo bike can benefit your company? Click HERE to get in touch with a Fully Charged eCargo expert today to discuss options, book a consultation and arrange a test ride

How do I apply?

Before you apply for the Grant you must first have a quote for the eCargo bikes you wish to purchase. Get in touch with our team today to discuss the most suitable options for your business. Our team will be happy to offer information, advice and draw up a quotation for you.

Words By Tristan