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Moustache Factory Tour Video and 2020 eBike range highlights

When driving through the sleepy French region of Vosges, you wouldn't expect that it be home to one of the most progressive and pioneering electric bicycle companies in the world. But in a sense that is what Moustache has always stood for. A simple yet stylishly sophisticated company in touch with its roots and values, with an undeniable passion for Electric bikes.

This year has seen Moustache expand into a new factory capable of increasing its export from 90 bikes a day to over 180 and as they've developed, so have their bikes.


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LUNDI 26 2020

There is no better way to kick off the 2020 range than with Moustache's most recognisable and iconic bicycle. From the vintage low step frame to the signature Moustache handlebars, the Lundi 26 has already established itself as a modern classic.

Fitted with powerful hydraulic disc brakes for effortless handling and an energy-efficient Bosch motor, this all-weather city cruiser provides the ultimate comfort for the modern commuter cyclist.

FRIDAY 27 2020

Nothing will turn heads faster in your city than the Friday 27. Sleek, sporty and with a 625Wh Bosch battery, this model will get you to your destination in unrivaled speed, comfort and class.

The Friday 27 is not only precise but practical. With the lightweight QL3 luggage carrier, this bike will become a perfect city companion whether commuting or cruising around town.

Equipped with state of the art full suspension, this sporty-urban hybrid will make short work of any Urban terrain.

FRIDAY 28 2020

A more dynamic, lightweight edition to the Friday range. The Friday 28's "light" aluminum frame, carbon fork and low center of gravity allows the rider to reach speeds of 25km/h, making it the perfect bike for those maneuvering through congested city streets.

The discreetly hidden power battery and stylish Brooks ensures that this bike is by no means substance over style. Light enough to carry, fast enough beat the rush hour and a "Great" ride. What more could you wish for in an eBike?

Samedi 28 2020

The Samedi 28 is the jack of all traits in the Moustache range. From potholes to pavements, cities to fields, work to weekends, there few terrains and situations this bike can't handle.

Fitted with Moustache's signature handlebars and integrated Bosch battery, the Samedi 28 is the epitome of chic sophistication, even when a little muddy from those weekends away.

Samedi 27 XRoad 2020

There is a reason the XRoad was our most popular eBike of 2019. It gives you limitless freedom and bridges the gap between an urban explorer and countryside adventurer. With the new 6061 alloy frame that integrates the 625WhPowerTube Bosch battery, the XRoad manages to remain tough yet oozes beauty and comfort.

Dimanche 28 2020

For those wishing to delve into the world of E-Road, the Dimanche 28 is a stripped back and lighter Moustache. It uses an updated version of the Hidden Power frame technology, reversing the position to lower the centre of gravity to ensure a dynamic and agile ride.

eMTB 2020

For information on the wide range of Moustache’s OFF, Wide, Trail & Game ranges – CLICK HERE


We have 2020 Moustache eBikes arriving from September onwards! If you'd like to make a pre-order, or if you have any questions, get in touch at info@fullycharged.com or 0207 111 0977


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