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Moustache Mercredi 12


Moustache Mecredi Kids Balance Bike

The Mercredi 12 may not have electrical assistance or even pedals but it’s still unmistakably a Moustache bike! Beautifully handcrafted, this bike is designed to improve balance, as it allows your kids to control their speed and balance using their feet. Extremely intuitive they will progress rapidly, coasting for longer and longer with their feet up, so when they come to riding a bike with pedals, there'll be no need for stabilisers.

Created from an ultra light weight magnesium alloy, the Moustache Mercredi 12 is made for children between 20 months and 3 to 4 years old with the goal of sharing the pleasure of riding your Moustache ebike with your children.

In 2012 the Moustache Mercredi 12 won the precious a prestigious award from the International Cycle Saloon, making it not just a unique design but also a precious one.

There is a choice of brushed alloy natural silver or gloss black. Also If you let us know you can choose your prefered saddle choice between blue, green and pink.

Accessory Specs

  • Frame Aeronautical Alloy
  • Saddle Velo 'For Kids'
  • Size Universal
  • Tyres Moustache Brand
  • Weight 3.4kg
  • Wheel Make and Size Moustache Brand -12 Inch
  • Year 2014

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