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Winter is coming

Our tips for how to look after your eBike during the coming months.

Words By Tristan Allan

It’s at this time of year when you need to properly look at the ways in which you can maintain your electric bike over the worst of the Winter months.

Here are a few tips to help avoid problems so that you can enjoy riding throughout Winter, and be ready when Spring comes around.


Clean it

If there’s one thing that helps more than anything, please give your bike a wipe down. Taking off dirt will save the paint finish and help maintain lubrication in gears and bearings.

Top tip is: don’t pressure wash your eBike! Forcing water into bearings will definitely create issues later.


Oil your chain

If you have one. A light coating of oil on the chain prevents it going rusty over the winter.

After applying a good quality chain oil, run it through the full range of gears to give your gear cassette some coverage too.



one of the most important things to do before storing your eBike is to deplete your battery to 30-40% (two bars). This helps to maintain condition over longer periods of storage.

Take your battery indoors! Lithium Ion batteries prefer to be kept in ambient temperatures if not used for long periods; so take your battery out of the bike and store it somewhere in your house - not the garage or shed.


Services we offer:

Battery conditioning

At Fully Charged Silverstone we can deplete your battery to 30% - off the bike - and report on its condition. This is only possible with Bosch’s proprietary equipment. It takes about two hours so, if you are in the area and want us to prepare your battery for winter storage, please call to book it in. The cost is £30 inc VAT.


Service and maintenance

Servicing is most easily done before long-term storage.

For bikes purchased, from Fully Charged Silverstone, a Bronze service could be sufficient to keep your bike in top condition so it’s ready to go in the spring. Please call to book your bike in. A full service price list is attached.

We look forward to conditioning your bike for the winter season and into next year.

Words By Tristan Allan