The Future of Transport

Did you know, eBikes aren't just about getting from A to B? There's a whole load of reasons why you should get involved, here are just 50 to make your decision that little bit easier!


Electric bikes are the fastest growing method of transport in the world for more than one reason... 


50 reasons written when Fully Charged first launched in 2012.


1. No Parking Tickets

2. No Congestion Charge

3. No Road Tax

4. Environmentally Friendly

5. Good Fitness

6. Extremely Time Efficient

7. Comparatively Low Cost

8. Some Cheaper than an Oyster Card

9. Feel the Wind in your Face but Not the Sweat Down your Back

10. Easy Uphills

11. Fast off the Mark

12. Beat the Traffic

13. Cycle for Longer

14. Travel Further

15. Fun and Safe

16. Easy to Use

17. Spending More Time Outdoors

18. Minimal Maintainence

19. Low Running Costs

20. Low Depreciation

21. Genuienly Sustainable

22. Evade the Bureaucrats

23. Adopt a Simple Lifestyle

24. Explore New Places

25. Extremely Therapeutic

26. Practical And Easy To Transport

27. Cycle at Any Age

28. Become a Mountain Biker

29. Silent Riding

30. Suspended Driver's Licence?

31. Arrive at the Office Without Breaking a Sweat

32. Keeping up with the Kids if you're not as fit

33. Taking the Dog for a Long Run

34. Escape from a Dangerous Situation

35. More Flexible than London's Transport Network

36. Safer than Normal Cycling

37. Eliminates Excuses for Cycling

38. Easier to Carry Loads

39. Quick Charging Time

40. Stylish and Cool

41. Sleep More Deeply

42. Increase Brain Power

43. Avoid heavy breathing in polluted areas!

44. Get (a legal) high

45. Spend quality time with your partner

46. Feeling tired? Go for a ride

47. Make friends and stay healthy

48. Enjoy healthy family time

49. Lose weight in the saddle

50. Enjoy the future!