Fully charged Businesses

Electric Cargo Bikes offer a highly efficient method of transportation for businesses. We are pleased to see businesses who have invested into eCargo reporting fantastic results, and often are coming back for more.

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In-house deliveries

"We have, until this year, used vans in the city to try and provide a reliable service week in week out. Due to the traffic congestion in London our deliveries were usually done in the early hours of the morning, with us frequently bumping into issues getting our flowers into apartment blocks and business offices. Our packaging is recyclable, so we were keen to start being more green in our courier service too."

Alice Scobie - Head of Freddie’s Flowers
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Other fully charged in-house delivery businesses

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"By working with Fully Charged we have a good service backup. If we have a bike that is off road, we can give it to Fully Charged and they turn it round as quick as they can. It’s a relationship that works very well."

Absolutely Couriers
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Other Fully Charged Couriers

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Construction industry

"The eCargo bikes we use have not only increased our efficiency, but have given us the ability to utilise our workforce across multiple projects and be reactive to certain situations across different locations during the day"

FM Conway
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Becoming Fully Charged

Are you considering adding an eCargo bike to your assets? learn the key aspects of them and sign up for a free trial.

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How we help businesses

Our global sales and service network offers company ebike users the best possible levels of support and care.

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Popular eCargo Bikes For businesses

Image Urban Arrow Cargo XL

Urban Arrow Cargo XL

The best heavy goods transporter

Key features

  • Faster than vans
  • Carries a huge 620 litres
  • Coolbox
  • Quick acceleration
  • 50 miles of battery life

Who is this for?

  • Looking for van replacement
  • Heavier good transporation
  • Popular with food delivery companies
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Image Urban Arrow Shorty

Urban Arrow Shorty

The best light goods transporter

Key features

  • Powerful
  • Same length as a city bike
  • Range of 750 miles
  • Carries up to 150 litres

Who is this for?

  • An urban multitasker
  • Smaller item delivery companies
  • Those who place speed over size
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Image Tern GSD

Tern GSD

The best Foldable ecargo

Key features

  • Super bright front light
  • Quick release handbar
  • Weights 34 Kg.

Who is this for?

  • Multi-terrain level
  • Carrying light loads
  • Carrying kids
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