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At the forefront of eBike innovation and development, Stromer eBikes set a new benchmark in power, design, range and connectivity.

New for 2019 are increased battery capacities, monstrous 850W Syno sport motors, exclusive Pirelli eBike tyres and Omni Connect.

OMNI connect, an app and cloud based platform has a host of impressive features that connects you to your Stromer. These include GPS anti-theft protection, remote bike locking, dynamic ride information, keyless battery ejection and more.

For an ultimate commuter eBike. Hop on, pedal, glide – dynamic, powerful and silent. This is the way to drive to work these days. It’s what Stromer's are made for.

Fully Charged are proud to become an official distributor for Stromer from 2019 onwards. Together we have a vision to accelerate eMobility and allow commuters to use eBikes individually and according to their own specific needs with minimal emissions and freedom.

Free test-rides available at our London eBike centre.

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Stromer ST3

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Stromer ST3 - Launch Edition