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eBikes are a perfect choice if you want to commute with ease, cut journey times, transport cargo or explore the great outdoors.

Commuter eBikes offer a clean, fun and cost-efficient way of urban travel. The growing cycling infrastructure combined with excellent eBike tech makes getting around simple. Read more on why eBikes are so good for commuting.

Why limit your eBike experience to the roads? Take your riding experience to another level with one of our eMTBs (Electric Mountain Bikes). Climb that extra hill with ease, or shoot down a tough descent at speed thanks to the intuitive and robust eBike systems, Browse between full-suspension and hardtail eBikes.

For a combination of the two, Trekking / Hybrid eBikes offer comfortable riding on the road, while good suspension and grip on bridleways, canal paths and countryside. Most of these bikes come fully equipped with lights, mudguards and racks. So all the necessities are covered and you can enjoy riding wherever you please.

Electric Cargo Bikes can be a key transport solution for cities. There’s a wide array of business advantages, and families can enjoy transporting the young ones! Read more on why eCargo bikes can offer a sustainable resolution for multiple purposes.

To make it easier to navigate our range, choose which type below, then use the filtering system on the left hand side to help you find your perfect bike.

Urban eBikes
Increasingly eBikes are an excellent choice for city commuters in the UK and beyond, making a fun, sweat free commute an option for everyone.
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Folding eBikes
Folding eBikes are perfect for those with limited space to store their bike and still have ranges of up to 40 miles.
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Cargo / Delivery eBikes
Many delivery companies and other businesses are realising that eBikes can help them to reduce their delivery and travel costs.
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Electric Mountain Bikes
Brands such as BH, Moustache and KTM are entering the fray and also providing some fantastic eBikes like the Haibike sDuro Hardseven.
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Trekking / Hybrid eBikes
Trekking eBikes provide all you need to easily ride about town but also go out and about on country tracks. They are comfortable, reliable bikes.
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Unique eBikes
Vintage Electric creates seductively retro eBikes, the ones that you have been dreaming, that inspire you to move and change your commute.
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