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Corporate Social Responsibility, level: eBike

In 2018, no matter what some world leaders say, businesses have a duty to adhere to some standard of corporate social responsibility. From paying wages correctly to paying tax correctly to probably the biggest one: doing their bit to curb climate change.

In previous times you might think it was down to the leaders of our nations to drive this social change. At the end of 2017, findings from a survey revealed that 63% Americans looked towards businesses to drive social and environmental change rather than government.

So which businesses are working towards improving corporate social responsibility?

Since Royal Mail phased out the Pashley, our posties have either had to complete their round on foot, or utilise a gas guzzling van. Both are postal solutions which still have a place on planet earth, but why do you need a van to deliver in an urban environment. Royal Mail needs to take a page out of Deutsche Post’s book.

In 2014, Deutsche Post had 6,200 eBikes in their fleet and in 2017 the number jumped to 10,500. The purpose of these is to convert 70% of their ‘last-mile’ deliveries to green methods. Everyone wins – the locals have fewer motor vehicles pumping out pollution in their neighbourhoods, Deutsche Post saves on fuel and maintenance costs and the post-people are more active. Not only improving work place motivation but also increasing staff retention levels.

The booming e-commerce industry, coupled with the popularity of private hire vehicles like Uber has lead to a dramatic increase in cars on London streets. It is estimated that in 2010, 59,000 PHVs were on Londons roads, increasing to 95,000 in 2016 and even higher in 2018, we’d imagine…

Next we come to Pedal Me – a company that has always been about the eBike, carrying passengers or cargo around London. eCargo bikes can carry more than you’d imagine, and further. Pedal Me founder Ben tells us it is only possible to move two people, or 150kg of cargo around London faster than a car because of e-assist. If this works for carrying people, then what is stopping trades-people going from job to job on eCargo with a lockable box?

One barrier to entry could be ‘the skill required to cycle in traffic to a high enough standard for commercial work – if you’re on a bike 40 hours a week, the risk scales up, and high quality training is needed (which we give all our riders)’, explains Ben. However the rewards would certainly outweigh the risks, London would be ‘Cleaner; more fun; and safer because there would be less motor vehicles!’

Businesses like PedalMe and Deutsche Poste are working hard to change this fossil fuel addiction we have found ourselves in, but we need more. Corporate social responsibility isn’t something that can be gained over night, and any policy towards this, no matter how small can only be beneficial to the planet.

If you feel your business could cut costs, become greener, increase staff happiness and the rest, visit us in store to test ride a wide selection of cargo bikes, and do your bit for our streets.

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