Raleigh eBike Range 2018

If you asked 50 members of the general public to name a bike brand, we reckon a fair amount of them would answer ‘Raleigh’ first. The brand has been around since 1885 and is now producing a wide range of electric bikes. In this article we shall be running down the Raleigh eBike range 2018. … Continue reading Raleigh eBike Range 2018

Commuter eBike riding: The Fully Charged Picks

As often preached, eBikes are arguably the most efficient, enjoyable and clean way to travel around the city. Here at Fully Charged, we have an eBike for all, from the eMTBs, to folding electric bikes. But certainly our most popular are urban commuter eBikes. For those bored of playing sardines on the tube, or taking … Continue reading Commuter eBike riding: The Fully Charged Picks