Fully Charged eBike
2-3 Days

Raleigh Motus Tour Crossbar 2018



400Wh Bosch Battery

eBike Weight


Maximum Range

25-95 Miles


250W Bosch Active Line

Who is this bike for?

If you're looking to ride a bit further, or a bit faster than the average eBike rider, the Motus Tour will give you that extra bit of range you require.

A 400Wh battery will provide up to 95 miles assistance, while integrated lights will keep you visible on the road at all times.

Key Features

The Bosch Active Line system was designed for gentle city rides, riding at a relaxed pace and light weekend trails. The Raleigh Motus Tour Crossbar is equipped to assist you up to 95 miles, conditions dependent. Be this in the city, on tow-paths or just riding your commute!

The Bosch Intuvia heads up display is set in the middle of the bars, and provides more ride data than the Purion system. Including range, speed, trip duration and remaining battery levels! Featuring: Bosch Active Line Motor with 40Nm of torque. A 400Wh Bosch PowerPack battery, providing up to 95 miles of assisted travel.

Bosch Intuvia display with 4 levels of assistance (eco, tour, sport, turbo). 9-speed Shimano gearing. Available in hub or derailleur gearing in Blue.

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