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Rider Stories: Reverend Jacqueline Dove and her Riese and Müller Tinker

Jacqueline talks about the joy the bike has brought her life when going around to see the members of her parish.

Words By Tristan Allan


Jacqueline Dove is like many vicars in rural parishes and has to juggle the demands of not one, but four, village communities daily.

Recently ordained, Jacqueline moved to her north Buckinghamshire parish in 2020 and has been faced with the same challenges as everyone else during the COVID lockdown.One thing that she has done though is to update the image of the cycling vicar. Vicars on bikes is a common image often parodied in situation drama but there is a serious side to this choice of vehicle.

Being available to talk to more easily than through a car window has its benefits and Jacqueline has made the bold decision to use a car as little as possible in favour of an eBike, with her now car-sharing with her husband for longer journeys.

The Riese and Müller' Tinker provides the answer for her. It's small enough to store in churches when visiting, it's light enough to manoeuvre around old buildings and easily able to cope with the distance between the four churches under her care.

The old idea that a vicar has a basket on a bike and potters around is out of date. This eBike makes her approachable as well as being able to efficiently carry cassocks and surplices. Whether she's working in the community or taking services, Jacqueline has updated the old image for the new era and has electrified her mobility.

Words By Tristan Allan