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Stromer 2019 eBike Range – Arousing your e-motions

The Stromer 2019 eBike has landed, and there's plenty to be excited about. Consisting of 4 models, Stromer eBikes excel in power, design, quality and connectivity.


New for 2019, the Stromer ST3's distinctive design packs beauty and brawn. The smooth and powerful Synodrive motor combined with a whopping 980Wh battery supports you perfectly.

For absolute comfort you can customise the frame with what style suits you. Choose between a Sport or Comfort frame in various sizes (3 sizes in sport, but only one in comfort), and you also have the choice between different stems and handlebars. The perfect sitting position coupled with excellent manouvreability and power delivery gives you every reason to switch to the unique driving experience of a Stromer eBike.

The ST3 will be ready to test-ride and buy at Fully Charged from September onwards.

Stromer’s DNA has always been characterized by a certain individualism and advancement. Apart from the good looks and powerful electrical systems, the strength of the company lies in the development of and mechanical components, electric components, software, and the complete system integration.

In recent years, Stromer’s innovations have taken the market by storm, OMNI connect, an app and cloud based platform with a host of impressive features that connects you to your Stromer. These features include GPS anti-theft protection, dynamic ride information, keyless battery ejection and more.

New for 2019, Stromer are releasing the ST3 - the ultimate commuter eBike. Hop on, pedal, glide – dynamic, powerful and silent. This is the way to drive to work these days. It’s what the ST3 is made for.

Fully Charged are proud to become an official distributor for Stromer from 2019 onwards. Together we have a vision to accelerate eMobility and allow commuters to use eBikes individually and according to their own specific needs with minimal emissions and freedom.




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