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SUPER73 R-Series

Saturday 25th January 2020 was a big day for those in the Super73 bubble. Following a couple of weeks of speculation, customers asking if we had more info and rumours flying around, the R-Series has officially been announced!

As of publishing we do not have a full info pack worth of tech specs and model configurations. Once we do we will update this post and the product pages. For the time being, here is what we know so far.

There will be two new models in the R series, R and RX. Like the SG and SG1, there are a number of ways to tell the bikes apart, starting from specs and ending at price.

First off, the R-Series will come complete with full suspension. With the front forks being incredibly popular for the SG series, a full-suspension model always had to be on the horizon! If you’re opting for the RX model (highest spec of the R series) you’ll be equipped with an inverted coil spring suspension fork, air assist and adjustable preload and rebound damping with a maximum of 120mm travel. The rear shock will have adjustable preload, compression and rebound damping. The R will also be a full suspension eBike, however the front fork and rear shock will have less adjustability than those on the RX.

Stopping power is the next difference with the R range. While both the R and RX have Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, the difference is in the pistons. Providing twice the brake pad contact with the rotor is the four piston system on the RX, compared to the dual piston on the R.

After the suspension and brakes, the differences across the two models are slightly smaller, more akin to those between the SG and SG1. Similarly, the RX comes as standard with fenders, while they will be optional on the R. Colour options are also dictated by the model choice, those looking for ‘Olive Drab’ need opt for the R, while the RX will come in ‘Rhino Grey’ and ‘Carmine Red’. (As of date of publishing).

Key similarities between the R and RX start with the battery capacity. New in 2020 is Super73’s 960Wh lithium ion battery. Mounted on the top tube in classic Super73 style, removable for charging and providing between 45 and 75 miles of assisted travel. The R series will tick all the distance boxes for commuters and leisure riders.

The R and RX models will both come from the factory with Super73’s new handlebar display and app connectivity. This LCD screen will show all of the standard data you’d expect from a dashboard - remaining battery capacity, odometer, speed, distance travelled, etc… while also allowing the owner to connect to the bike via the Super73 app and their smartphones Bluetooth connectivity. While in the app, users can set their destination and benefit from turn-by-turn directions.

Another interesting feature to note is the optional 10-speed offering on both of the Super73 R and RX. This could be for the benefit of the European riders who are unable to legally use a throttle on public property. Providing a range between 11-36 teeth on the cassette, beneficial for those riders in hilly areas and coupling nicely with the four mode pedal assist (Eco, Tour, Sport, Super).

When we have more information on the UK release of the R and RX models we will be publishing it here, across our social media channels and the specific product pages. We are expecting to have this information by the middle of February. If you'd like to learn more about the SG range, click here for our video review



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