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We’ve teamed up with Assetsure to offer comprehensive insurance for electric bikes.

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FREE Insurance

As part of our service, any new eBike purchased from Fully Charged is eligible for 14 days’ FREE insurance, meaning that you’ll be protected against theft and accidental damage from the moment you leave the store, giving you plenty of time to check your home and contents insurance to make sure the cover meets your needs.

How do I benefit from 14 days’ free insurance?

We’ll require your consent to pass your details to Asseture, but once this has been provided, we’ll get the ball rolling. You’ll receive documentation by email, typically 24-48 hours after your purchase.

What does the 14 day FREE insurance cover

Accidental damage – To the full retail value of your eBike

Theft – To the full retail value of your eBike

Replacement eBike following a claim

Accessories cover (up to £100)

How do I extend annual cover

You can easily extend your policy to an annual cover by clicking here, or by following the directions in their email.

What’s so special about Fully Charged’s partnership with Assetsure?

We’ve chosen to partner with Assetsure to offer an insurance that is right for you. Rated as EXCELLENT on Trustpilot, Assetsure offer specialist electric bike insurance and hassle-free claims. With the Express Claims service there is no need to provide a receipt, proof of ownership, proof of purchase, valuation or make/model number.

What if I do not wish to extend to an annual policy?

After the 14 days your cover will automatically lapse if you do not choose to extend your cover by purchasing an annual policy.

What if I don’t want 14 days’ free insurance?

If you do not wish to receive 14 days’ free insurance, simply let the member of staff know at the checkout. Your details will not be passed to Assetsure and no free insurance will be offered.

Assetsure Cycle Insurance is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and is a trading name of Hildon Park Limited. Registered in England & Wales with Company Number 08223911. Authorised and Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority FCA, registered number 592997