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A Guide to Going Electric

Electric Cargo Bikes for Business

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Since 2014, Fully Charged have helped businesses take their logistics, deliveries and pop up capabilities to the next level through the use of electric cargo bikes. We’ve paired it with industry leading after-care, headed up in the UK’s largest eBike Service Centre in London Bridge, to offer the best possible solution for businesses.

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A Decade of Expertise in Helping UK Businesses

Discover the Future of Business Mobility

We start our process of working with new clients by offering a free consultation. The transition from an existing fleet to electric cargo bikes can be complicated. As specialists in this field, we have full visibility of the industry and can understand your specific needs and requirements for your business.

As part of your call, we'll be able to provide you with initial details of the time and cost savings you can make if you go eCargo.

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Choose from the widest selection of electric cargo bikes in the UK

We stock electric cargo bikes for a wide range of industries. Following your consultation, we'll provide you with a recommendation around the type of electric cargo bikes that might be suitable for your business.

We stock a curated selection of eBikes for business from the world’s leading brands: from front-loading and rear-loading cargo bike options, such as Tern, Urban Arrow and Riese & Müller, to innovative quadracyles like Vok Bikes!

An Urban Arrow Cargo XL is seen here being used by Nonna Tonda, a pasta delivery company in London

The Fully Charged Cargo Bike Grant

Introducing the Fully Charged Cargo Bike £500 Grant! Are you a business owner seeking to enhance your logistics and delivery capabilities? Fully Charged has the solution for you with our electric cargo bikes!

Starting February 2024, we're offering a £500 grant towards the purchase of electric cargo bikes, helping businesses transition to sustainable transportation while saving money.

With over a decade of expertise, we understand the challenges of switching to electric cargo bikes. Schedule a free consultation today to discover the time and cost savings awaiting your business.

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A No Risk Trial Period

We recognise the need for companies to trial our recommended eCargo bikes before making a bigger commitment.

We provide companies with the opportunity to choose a bike of their choice and then trial it within the business for one week.

During your trial period, we are on hand to answer questions that might arise.

Purchase Options

As part of our ongoing support, we provide all of our businesses with complete clarity around the credit options that are available to them.

All businesses at Fully Charged are entitled to eBike leasing initiatives, as well as financing options. Electric bikes qualify as being 100% tax-deductible.

Our eBikes for Business team is on hand to help you learn about how you can spread the cost of an eCargo fleet.

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EBIKES FOR Business Guide

Whether you're a large construction company, a last-mile delivery service, or a solo entrepreneur. This guide provides a thorough exploration of the potential of electric bikes and how they can positively impact your business.

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The UK's Largest eBike Service Centre

The Fully Charged Service Centre is the largest of its kind in the country and is uniquely based in London Bridge, and only a 2 minutes walk from the station.

BikeBiz Micromobility Retailer of the Year 2022 & 2023
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Fully Charged Businesses

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Can Electric Cargo Bikes Replace for Vans for Businesses in the UK?

Introducing the Electric Cargo Bike range from Urban Arrow

Popular eCargo Bikes for Business


Urban Arrow Cargo XL

The best heavy goods transporter

Key features
  • Range or motor and gearing options
  • Carries a huge 620 litres
  • Coolbox
  • Quick Acceleration
  • 50 miles
Who is this for?
  • Looking for van replacement
  • Heavier goods transportation
  • Popular with foods delivery companies
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Urban Arrow Shorty

The best light goods transporter

Key features
  • Performance Line or Cargo Line Motors
  • Same length as a city bike
  • Range of 70 miles
  • Carries up to 150 litres
Who is this for?
  • An urban multitasker
  • Smaller item delivery companies
  • Those who place speed over size
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Tern GSD

The best compact eCargo

Key features
  • Super bright front light
  • Quick release handlebar
  • Weighs 34 Kg
Who is this for?
  • Multi-terrain level
  • Carrying light loads
  • Carrying kids
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Vok XL

The true van replacement

Key features
  • Four wheels
  • Carries 2000 litres
  • 200kg payload
  • Chainless drive with reduced maintenance
  • Wrapping available
Who is this for?
  • Looking for van replacement
  • Heavier goods transportation
  • Those looking for a sheltered solution
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Urban Arrow Cargo L

Exceptionally maneuverable

Key features
  • carry 375 litres
  • Versatile front box options
  • Bosch Cargo Line motor
  • Wrapping options
  • DualBattery configuration
Who is this for?
  • An urban multitasker
  • Smaller item delivery companies
  • Those who place speed over size
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Vok S

The true car replacemenrt

Key features
  • Four wheels
  • Carries 420 litres
  • Chainless drive with reduced maintenance
  • 120kg payload
  • Wrapping available
Who is this for?
  • Looking for a car replacement
  • Heavier goods transportation
  • Those looking for a sheltered solution
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