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Fully Charged Cornwall

Welcome to Fully Charged Cornwall. We are proud announce our new electric bike store is opening this April 2023! We'll have a curated range of A-List eBikes available to test-ride, so you can go from A to Beyond!

We also provide a bespoke home-delivery & test-ride service to TR, TQ, PL, EX and TA postcodes covering Cornwall, Devon and South Somerset. Fully Charged Cornwall is ideally situated for all major-routes in the South-West up to Taunton in the North, and Penzance in the South. To get the most out of your eBike experience, we recommend booking an appointment.

Fully Charged Cornwall is dedicated to making the best in premium electric bikes available to test-ride and buy from your own local surroundings via our home-delivery service, as well as offering a complete service package. We cater not just for individual riders but for the growing number of families and businesses that are looking to use eCargo bikes as a more efficient and greener form of transport for moving their precious cargo.

Located at the geographic centre of Cornwall, Fully Charged Cornwall is ideally situated for all major-routes in the South-West up to Taunton in the North, and Penzance in the South.

To ensure you receive our exclusive attention, visits to Fully Charged Cornwall are by appointment, so please book your test-ride via the Fully Charged website, by calling 07939806322, or emailing

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Cornwall Electric ebike shop location


Fully Charged Cornwall, Unit 1, Topfoto Building, Barras Place, Liskeard, PL14 6AY.

Cornwall Electric ebike shop area of coverage

Area Coverage

TR, TQ, PL, EX, and TA postcodes

Cornwall Electric ebike shop contact details

Contact Us

01579 558879

Cornwall Electric bike shop opening times

Opening Times

Monday, Thursday & Friday 9-4pm Tuesday 11-6pm, Saturday 10-4pm and Wednesday & Sunday closed.

Test-ride the latest, most exciting eBikes & electric bikes

Free test-rides are available from world leading eBike brands Gocycle, Moustache, Benno, Desiknio, Riese & Müller, Super73, Tern, and Urban Arrow.

If you want to get a headstart on finding your ideal bike, click into the eBike categories below.

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Best For Road Riding

Urban eBikes

eBikes are an excellent choice for commuters in the city and beyond - making a fun, fast and sweat-free ride an option for everyone.

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Portable & Smart

Folding Bikes

Ideal to carry on the train, stow away at work, home or in the car. The best folding eBikes featuring Gocycle and Tern.

View Folding eBikes

Sport Enthusiast


From entry level to the highest specification, our brands such as Moustache cater for every off-road adventure.

View eMTB's

Ready for Duty

eCargo & Family

Carrying goods, or precious family cargo - these bikes can help with costs, environmental impact, journey times and enjoyment.

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Our Cornwall Partner - Chris

Chris has lived in Cornwall for over 25 years, and has unparalleled expertise about finding the right eBike for the right use-case within the South West.

Initially a pathfinder in the Digital photo print sector, Chris chose in 2011 to concentrate on the ‘next big thing'… eBikes! A keen cyclist all his life, Chris could see the merit of the eBike around the steep Cornish hills and at first was a lonely voice extolling their virtues.

Chris manager of Fully Charged Electric Bike Shop Cornwall

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