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eBike Security

All you need to know.

As electric bikes become commonplace within the transport landscape, it couldn’t be more important to ensure your new shining steed is suitably secure, so you can leave your bike worry-free when out and about.

With more than a decade of experience helping our customers with suitable locks, insurance and tracking devices, the team at Fully Charged is here to ensure you and your electric bike have the perfect marriage, and that nobody can come between it.

Here we give you a comprehensive guide of all you need to do to ensure your eBike stays safe.

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eBike Locks

Abus & Hiplok - Gold Standard

Simply put, you HAVE to buy a gold-standard insured lock when purchasing an electric bike.

No ifs, no buts. In our tenure of serving thousands of customers across the UK, we have had our fair share of customers who believe their current bronze or silver sold-secure rated lock will suffice. Quite frankly, it doesn’t and insurance providers will not insure your eBike.

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Why does a Gold or Diamond Sold Secure lock matter?

Sold Secure is the UK’s premier testing and certification for security products.

It is the mission of Sold Secure to test and provide professional and accurate advice regarding effective security products to consumers, the insurance Industry, the Home Office, the Police and the Public.

All insurance providers require that any electric bike over £1000.00 is fitted with at least a gold-standard Sold-Secure lock. At Fully Charged, we believe Diamond Sold Secure locks are what’s going to keep your eBike away from any thief.


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eBike Insurance

We would like to make it crystal clear that you do not need to insure your electric bike, should you purchase from Fully Charged. However, it is strongly (if not highly!) recommended that you take out proper eBike insurance. eBike insurance is cost effective, very easy to claim and sometimes you can get the insurance provider to pay out if you need your replacement bike that quickly.

We continue to talk to customers who consider putting their electric bike on their household insurance. We would consider people look into their household policy, as the bike is most likely not going to be covered outside of your house and second to that, if you do need to have a claim, it will affect your no claims bonus on your household policy.

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Meet Laka, the community-first insurance provider that’s shredding the rules of insurance.

Laka uses a people-powered insurance subscription to make insurance fair, not fixed. Each month’s claims are spread amongst a collective of cyclists like you, so your monthly bill varies up to a guaranteed cap.

With Fully Charged, you’re entitled to 30 days free insurance with Laka by simply inputting the code: FULLYCHARGED into your Laka quote.

LAKA Insurance
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GPS Trackers

Can I put a tracker on my eBike?

Of course! To add further security to your electric bike, you can go that extra mile and install a tracker. The Fully Charged Vigilantes have previously recovered stolen goods courtesy of a GPS PowUnity tracker.

Just take the time to look at the video link below where our Founder Ben repossessed eBikes stolen from our client, The NHS, courtesy of trackers!

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Bosch Smart System

A new invention from Bosch as of Model Year 2023 is their Bosch ConnectModule and Lock and Alarm feature. This comes with all Bosch Smart System products, but does not include any Bosch powered product prior to the Smart System. Whether you park for just a short time, or are away for a longer period, you can stay connected to your eBike via your smartphone using the ConnectModule. As soon as you switch off your eBike, the eBike Alarm will activate automatically, giving your eBike better protection against theft.

The eBike Alarm, which is digitally connected via the eBike Flow App, protects your eBike, so you have less reason to worry. If you switch off your eBike, the alarm function activates the alarm automatically. If anyone was to try and handle the bike, the alarm would sound off, and signal a notification to the eBike Flow App, alerting you of its movement.

Better still, certain Bosch powered products that we sell at Fully Charged come as standard with the ConnectModule and Lock and Alarm feature integrated OEM from the manufacturer, like Moustache. Otherwise, the Bosch ConnectModule is £140.00 as an additional service, including fitting.

PowUnity GPS Trackers

Outside of the Bosch Smart System, the PowUnity can be installed in no time at all and operates with real-time tracking. If there’s ever a hitch, you get uncomplicated and very quick help.

The PowUnity is £199.00 and the Fully Charged eMechanics can install the tracker for you for an additional £20.00 before you ride away and go from A to Beyond.

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