Fully Charged Business Case Studies

Electric cargo bikes offer a highly efficient method of transportation for businesses - skip the traffic queues, reduce costs, improve CO2 emissions and increase rider enjoyment when switching to electric cargo bikes.

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We work with the likes of PLC’s, LLP’s, Limited Companies, right through to sole-traders in providing a greener and faster way of transporting goods and employees around our cities.

We help fleets of anywhere between 1 to 100+ cargo bikes, and can consult, guide and be your aftercare support specialists throughout the whole process.

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business bikes

eBikes for Business Guide & Case Studies

Whether you're a large construction company, a last-mile delivery service, or a solo entrepreneur. This guide provides a thorough exploration of the potential of electric bikes and how they can positively impact your business.

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Consumer Brands

Freddie's Flowers

Freddie's Flowers is a direct to consumer business that curates the best flowers fresh from local growers to your home.

Freddie's expanded their eCargo fleet from 5 bikes, to over 80, such was the cost and efficiency benefits.

"Due to the traffic congestion in London our deliveries were usually done in the early hours of the morning, with us frequently bumping into issues getting our flowers into apartment blocks and business offices. That was until we found Fully Charged."

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Lucy Vail

Lucy Vail is renowned for her exquisite floral arrangements. Lucy's expertise in floral design has graced prestigious venues such as Annabel's, Brinkley's, The Groucho, and many more.

And when it comes to transporting her creations from her Battersea depot, Lucy relies on the efficiency of an Urban Arrow cargo bike.

Discover how Lucy combines style and sustainability in her business operations.


Oxwash are an on-demand, sustainable laundry and dry cleaning service.

From Oxford to Cambridge and London, Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes have been the backbone of Oxwash's business model since day one. Discover how Oxwash is revolutionising the way we do laundry, all while prioritising sustainability and convenience.

Ocado Retail Group

We've partnered with the world's largest online supermarket in bringing their rapid grocery delivery service, Zoom by Ocado, to market in London. Zoom by Ocado is part of the delivery service arm owned by Ocado Retail.

Ocado Retail Group states that 'Every delivery made in these new vehicles is zero-emitting and replaces the need for the use of a petrol van, car or moped. We estimate this results in a saving of 7.7kg - 9.6kg of emissions per vehicle per day.'

The move is part of Ocado Retail’s target to become net-zero by 2040.

Couriers & Logistics

Absolutely Couriers

Absolutely Couriers are a traditional courier company based in central London, founded in 1865.

The company has three bases, one in Park Royal, one in Heathrow and one in Bloomsbury, Central London. The company uses lots of different vehicles for their deliveries, ranging from push bikes through to Tail Lift Lutons.

"By working with Fully Charged we have a good service backup. If we have a bike that is off road, we can give it to Fully Charged and they turn it round as quick as they can. It’s a relationship that works very well."

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Ecofleet are a pioneering third-party logistics company dedicated to cleaner and greener transportation solutions. Farah's mission is to combat pollution in London through the use of fully cargo bike-operated delivery services for businesses.

"Since we started in September 2019, we have done over 99,823 drops, equivalent to over 115,544 miles! This simply could not have been achieved with a more traditional form of transport." Discover how Ecofleet's innovative approach is transforming the logistics industry and reducing environmental impact in our compelling case study.

Local Authorities


In recent years, we have partnered with a number of local councils including Wandsworth, Brighton & Hove, Milton Keynes and Richmond Council.

Many of these councils purchased cargo bikes through the Energy Savings Trust Grant scheme, using the products for a number of internal areas including the maintenance of green spaces, library teams and even for neighbourhood protection. Some have also used cargo bikes for company applications (brewery and local couriers).


Bouygues Energies & Services

"Of course, as a construction and energy services provider, we believe it’s essential for any authority or business when choosing a construction partner to pick an enterprise that minimizes their carbon footprint of your project. "

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FM Conway

'What became clear early on in the process of implementing cargo bikes to our fleet was the considerable savings in servicing and maintenance costs required compared to using vans, with there being no congestion, ULEZ or parking charges.’

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