Electric bike leasing with Fully Charged

Say goodbye to the complexities of bike ownership with electric bike leasing. Our innovative leasing payment method is designed to revolutionize your businesses’ daily logistics. With flexible payment terms, transparent pricing, and a commitment to sustainability, we’re here to help you unlock the freedom of electric bikes like never before.











What are the key benefits of electric bike leasing

- Cost-effective: leasing a bike can be more cost-effective than purchasing one outright, especially for businesses that need multiple bikes.

- Flexible payment options:  this can be tailored to the lessee’s needs.

- Access to higher quality bikes: Leasing can provide access to higher-end eBike models that might be financially out of reach for an outright purchase. This allows individuals or businesses to enjoy the benefits of more advanced and feature-rich bikes.

- Tax benefits: Leasing expenses can be tax-deductible for businesses, offering potential tax benefits for those using eBikes for commercial purposes. By taking out a lease, it also takes rental payments against the business, and not straight out of your pocket, making it far greater for working capital. It’s also important to add here that eBikes are 100% tax deductible against your company’s tax bill and you can claim back the VAT (if vat registered). 

- Alternative to Cycle to Work: Business leasing is a great option for the self-employed and company directors who may not be able to use the Cycle to Work scheme. Leasing is also perfect if you want to ‘cycle at work’, and not just ‘cycle to work’, so for the likes of estate agents, store owners, hotels, freelancers, company directors and the self-employed. 

- Reduced risk: Leasing a bike shifts the risk of depreciation and obsolescence from the lessee to the leasing company. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that want to avoid the risk of owning outdated or obsolete bike models.

- Simplified disposal: At the end of the lease term, individuals or businesses can return the bikes to the leasing company, eliminating the need to deal with bike disposal or resale OR you could decide to own the bike outright. Otherwise you could just hop onto the latest bike of technology!

Who is eBike leasing suitable for?


Business owners

For businesses of all sizes, be them large or small.


The self-employed

From freelancers to actors, we've got you covered.


Directors of SME's

If you get paid in dividends, eBike leasing could be for you.



Including law firms, accounting firms and doctor offices.


Estate Agents

Ideal for estate agents going for viewings at properties


Sole traders

From builders to plumbers, electricians to painters and decorators.

How do I get started?

It couldn’t be simpler. Once you have selected your eBike, either online or in-store, follow the link below to source your quote from BikeFlex, our registered eBike Leasing partner.

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Once your quote is received, BikeFlex aims to respond to us here at Fully Charged within 2 working hours as to whether or not your application has been successful.

You will be provided with information on your monthly payments and savings compared to buying the bike outright.

Alternatively, in-store, a member of our sales team will guide you to the BikeFlex website.

You can also lease up to 30% on top of the electric bikes value in accessories.

With so many of our own customers across our stores in the UK calling out for leasing, it’s great that we’ve now partnered with BikeFlex in trying to get you from A to Beyond with an A-List eBike!

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