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The Perfect Combination: Urban Arrow cargo bikes and leading UK startup Oxwash

Oxwash is an on-demand, sustainable laundry and dry cleaning alternative that is re-engineering the laundry process from the ground up, using cutting edge technology, guaranteeing a world-class clean and prompt service direct to your door, all via cargo bikes. Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes have been at the centre of Oxwash's business model since the company's inception, with them being used not only in Oxford, but in Cambridge and London, too.

Can Electric Cargo Bikes Replace for Vans for Businesses in the UK?

Henry talks further about the rise of eCargo bikes in the past year, and the reasons as to why all manners of businesses should look to transport their goods via this new form of transport in our inner-cities. Henry tackles some of cargo bikes benefits head on, including speed and cost savings, as well as benefits to both physical and mental health for businesses' workforces.

How do FM Conway, a leading construction company, use electric cargo bikes

Thought that construction businesses could never adopt to using electric cargo bikes? Think again. FM Conway is a leading family-run infrastructure services company in the UK, and have incorporated Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes to their fleet. Here we speak to Adam Barnes, Director of Structures at FM Conway, to find out more.

Urban Arrow Factory Tour | The best cargo bike manufacturer on the planet?

Dan visits Urban Arrow, Europe's premier cargo bike manufacturer, to interview Frank Oudegeest about the rise of popularity of their brand, and to see their new factory! Fully Charged have been a dealer of Urban Arrow since 2015, and so we're proud of bringing Urban Arrow to the UK!

How Electric Cargo Bikes helped my business | A Freddie's Flowers Case Study

Since popular flower delivery company Freddie's Flowers made the switch from vans to electric cargo bikes, they haven't looked back

Electric Bike Leasing Explained

Say goodbye to the complexities of bike ownership with electric bike leasing. Our innovative leasing payment method is designed to revolutionize your businesses’ daily logistics. With flexible payment terms, transparent pricing, and a commitment to sustainability, we’re here to help you unlock the freedom of electric bikes like never before.

Ecofleet Mindful Delivery - a new solution to third party logistics

Farah Asemi is the Foudner of Ecofleet Mindful Delivery, your cleaner, greener third party logistics company. Farah is on a mission to make London less polluted, with her fully cargo bike operated solution to transporting companies' goods.

Lucy Vail and Urban Arrow Cargo Bikes

Meet Lucy Vail, Founder of Lucy Vail Floristry, that's making headways in the wedding and party planning scene with her beautiful flowers. Lucy has decorated the likes of Annabel's, Brinkley's, The Groucho and more... and how does she transport her goods from her Battersea depot? Well, via a beautifully branded Urban Arrow cargo bike, of course.

Electric Cargo Bikes for Business - The Courier

Fully Charged x Absolutely Couriers - The benefits of utilising electric cargo bikes for your business instead of vans and other methods.

The Pasta Company Electrifying the Industry

James French reveals the reason as to why he decided to switch his method of transporting his pasta to eCargo bikes, and the difference it has made so far to Nonna Tonda!

Electric Cargo Bikes for Business | Urban Arrow product overview

Dan gives an overview of the type of electric cargo bikes that could fit your business, focusing in particular on the Urban Arrow product range.

How To use your new eCargo Bike | Electric cargo bikes for business

To help support our fleet managers, this video has been made to educate new riders and pass on important information before riding your electric cargo bike. In the handover Dan goes over the following; the components of your new business bike; what to do before you ride your eCargo; how best to use your eCargo when riding; how to charge your eCargo; how to maintain and service your eCargo.