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Box Wrapping

It is estimated that a commercial vehicle is seen by an average of 3,000 people per hour whilst out on the road. With that in mind, whether you’re a small business with one eCargo bike, or a large national corporation with a fleet of bikes on the road, wrapping is an incredibly useful marketing tool in boosting sales and brand recognition, and transforms your eCargo into a moving local advertisement. Read More

As part of our premium offering for our partners, Fully Charged works with Kapow Signs LTD to offer a bespoke box wrapping service to help create eye-catching designs for businesses to promote themselves when riding around the city.

Vinyl eCargo wraps also protect your bikes’ paintwork from stone chips and minor abrasion. Show Less

Set Costs for Urban Arrow Aluminium Box eCargo Bikes

Image of a Bike

Aluminum L Box Full Vinyl Wrap

£280 (+ VAT)

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Aluminum XL Box Full Vinyl Wrap

£350 (+ VAT)

We can assist in offering design services, where we will work with the customer to finalise the box graphics. This is an additional cost of £90 + VAT for three revisions. For more information please contact Read More

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