The Business Cargo Bike Grant - Save £500 per bike

Fully Charged are very excited to announce the launch of a grant that can save companies thousands on their fleet purchase. From January 2024, every single electric cargo bike purchase from Fully Charged will have £500 deducated as part of The Fully Charged eCargo grant. Simply book a call with one of our eCargo consultants to find out more.

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eCargo Bikes - the most efficient inner city vehicle.

While many see the environmental benefits of eCargo bikes, the economic and logistical benefits of using them are still not well understood.

The role eCargo bikes will play in the mobility of the U.K.’s transport sector over the coming century is undeniable. European research suggests that 10-15% of all delivered goods could be replaced by the eCargo bike trade in the coming years. This is because moving to eCargo bikes is not just an environmentally friendly choice, it also makes economic and logistical sense for many businesses.

Your Savings Per Electric Cargo

A combination of tax saving benefits and grants are available when buying an electric cargo bike for your business.

As eBikes are 100% tax deductable, you are able to benefit from...

Say goodbye to traditional inefficiencies and hello to sustainable, cost-effective transportation solutions with dutiful Electric Cargo Bikes.

A Guide to going electric

A Guide to Going Electric

Fully Charged offers electric cargo bikes to businesses since 2014, providing consultation, a £500 grant, and a trial period to transition to sustainable transportation, with leasing and financing options available.

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Fully Charged Businesses

Fully Charged showcases business case studies highlighting the efficiency of electric cargo bikes, emphasizing benefits like traffic avoidance, cost reduction, emissions improvement, and enhanced rider experience.

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