Fully Charged are one of the UK's leading eBike retailers. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of electric bikes in Europe from the world's leading manufacturers. We pride ourselves on having found what we feel to be the best eBikes currently available for a variety of different uses. From commuting to work on a Gocycle G2 to mountain biking down a country trail on a Haibike we have the eBike for you. We have a dedicated team of eBike specialists based in our London showroom so if you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call on 0207 111 0977.

All of our eBikes come with a 2 year warranty and a six month health check as standard and any order over £2000 gets free UK delivery.

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An Electric Mountain Bike or e-MTB

Electric Mountain Bikes

Haibike have led the way in the electric mountain bike market by harnessing the Bosch and Yamaha eBike systems to provide unparalleled performance, efficiency and reliability. However now brands such as BH, Moustache and KTM are entering the fray and also providing some fantastic eBikes. The Haibike sDuro Hardseven Sl is a firm favourite.

A Gocycle G2 Urban eBike

Urban eBikes

Increasingly eBikes are an excellent choice for city commuters in the UK and beyond. With brilliant eBikes such as the Gocycle G2 and Moustache Lundi making a fun, sweat free commute an option for everyone.

Trekking or Hybrid eBikes

Trekking / Hybrid Electric Bikes

Trekking eBikes provide all you need to easily ride about town but also go out and about on country tracks. They are comfortable, reliable bikes designed for long journeys.

An A2B Kuo Plus folding electric bike

Folding eBikes

There are an increasing number of foldable eBikes on the market such as the A2B Kuo Plus (Pictured), the Gocycle G2 and the Benelli Foldecity. These bikes are perfect for those with limited space to store their bike and still have ranges of up to 40 miles.

A Cargo Delivery eBike

Cargo/Delivery eBikes

Many delivery companies and other businesses are realising that eBikes can help them to reduce their delivery and travel costs

A Discounted Electric Bike

Discount Electric Bikes

We have a wide selection of discounted and end of season e-bikes.

Shop by eBike Brand

A2B eBikes


A2B produce some excellent urban bikes, most notably the A2B Kuo Plus an excellent affordable folding eBike.

Benelli eBikes


With an illustrious history of producing motorbikes Benelli are now producing beautiful eBikes. Our favorite is the Benelli Classica.

BH eMotion eBikes

BH eMotion

BH are a very well regarded bike manufacturer and their eMotion electric bike range is improving with every year. They have a great selection of folding commuter ebikes as well as mountain and trekking bikes.

Bultaco eBikes


Bultaco are the creators of the Bultaco Brinco ebike, a fiendishly fast, terrifying off road machine.

Butchers and Bicycles eBikes

Butchers and Bicycles

Butchers and Bicycles create some of the best eCargo bikes in the world.

Gocycle eBike Logo


Gocycle are a British Company and producer of the Gocycle G2, one of the most advanced electric bikes ever produced and the best folding commuter eBike on the market.

Haibike Electric Bikes Logo


Haibike are renowned for producing the best electric mountain bikes in the business and sell more electric bikes than any other manufacturer in Europe. They uses both the Bosch and Yamaha integrated electric bike systems to provide exceptionally reliable and high performance eBikes.

KTM Logo


KTM are another leading producer of electric mountain bikes.

Moustache Electric Bikes Logo


Moustache are the leading French manufacturer of eBikes. They produce beautifully crafted electric bikes that are designed from the ground up for specific use cases. We love the Moustache Lundi especially with the nuVinci gear system.



Oto Cycles are a Barcelona based company that produce vintage electric bikes using cutting edge techniques. If you like the look of Oto we recommend you also check out Vintage Electric.

Riese and Muller Logo

Riese and Muller

Riese and Muller are a German brand who have produced some of the first electric cargo bikes.

Vintage Electric Bikes Logo

Vintage Electric Bikes

Vintage Electric are an America based company who make beautiful eBikes that hark back to the golden age of motorcycling. Each bike is handmade to custom specifications.