Folding eBikes

A folding electric bike is a fantastic option for riders who are looking for a convenient, versatile, fun and sustainable mode of transportation. The Tern Vektron S10 & Gocycle G4i lead the charge in this category with highly intuitive assistance and plenty of power for even the steepest of hills. You can easily fold and store them in a small space, such as under a desk, in a closet, or in the trunk of a car - perfect for urban environments!

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Both Gocycle & Tern folding eBikes are suitable for different terrains and can cover long distances in comfort and speed. With the added pleasure from having pedal power, the bikes can be more inviting to hop on and ride, therefore promoting a healthy lifestyle, all while reducing traffic congestion. Using a folding electric bike instead of a car can save money on petrol, parking fees, and maintenance costs. It can also help you avoid traffic and save time on your commute.

Read our best folding electric bikes for 2024 article, for a detailed look at our best-sellers vs other bikes on the market that we do not stock, such as the Brompton folding eBike and Furo-X. Gocycle & Tern were built from the ground up to be electric, therefore offer a more balanced integration of the electrical system, resulting in a reliable, balance and powerful ride.

Folding electric bikes can be taken on trains, on the tube or can be stowed easily in the back of a taxi. Gocycle and Tern bikes have folding handlebars which enable the bikes to be stored narrowily in the corridor. Both Tern & Gocycle have been designed from the ground up to incorporate the electric system, offering superior balance, reliability and performance to 'adapted' folding eBikes where retrospective addition of batteries and motors can lead to imbalance, connection issues and system harmony.

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