Hybrid eBikes

Looking for an eBike that can effortlessly adapt to both urban and rural environments? These hybrid / trekking eBikes are ultra-capabale for commuting, leisure riding & long distance weekend adventures. Hybrid eBikes come with many of the essentials you need to ride in all conditions, including lights, mudguards, mixed-purpose tyres and pannier racks.

Whether you're commuting to work on a Riese & Müller Roadster4, or venturing off the beaten path with the Moustache J All, a hybrid elecric bike offers the perfect blend of urban convenience and adventure.

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Built as comfortable eBikes, Hybrid and Trekking electric bikes are set up so that you can spend long durations in the saddle. Your posture when riding is important, and with these bikes, you generally have an upright, sporty position - focusing the energy through your core rather than the wrists and back. Leading manufacturers place great emphasis on this category, with Riese & Muller, Moustache and Gazelle producing best selling models like the Riese & Muller Charger4 & Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 3.

Many modern hybrid eBikes are equipped with advanced features like smartphone connectivity, GPS navigation, and even theft prevention systems. These features enhance the overall riding experience. View more information on the Bosch Smart System.

These eBikes are available in both step-through and closed frame options, and their adjustable handlebars enable you to fine-tune your riding position for maximum comfort and performance. Our eBike specialists are here to assist you in achieving the perfect bike fit.Hybrid electric bikes, powered by Bosch eBike systems, are perfect for daily use, and the distance you can cover is only limited by your sense of adventure. Discover how far you can go with these versatile and capable eBikes. Show Less