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Folding Electric Bikes

Many of our customers want an electric bike that they can commute to work on but are often concerned about how they would store their eBike at their home or office.

Folding electric bikes provide an excellent solution to this problem, as you can tuck them away under your desk or in a cupboard ready until the next ride.

What’s more there are now some excellent affordable options that can challenge the price of even non electric folding bikes like the Brompton.

The weight of folding electric bikes is also something many potential customers are concerned about, however ,because of advances in technology this is not the problem it used to be.

Our top folding electric bikes both weigh under 18kg with the Gocycle G3 only weighing 16.3kg. Folding electric bikes also now have surprisingly long ranges, with the Gocycle G3 able to go as far as 50 miles on a single charge.

The ability to change the position of the handlebars and the saddle on fold electric bikes means that although they look smaller than traditional bikes the ride position and ride experience is the same.

The ability to detach the battery from the Kuo Plus also means that you don’t have to take them inside or be close to a plug socket to charge them.

In London, urban transport methods are generally congested, polluting, inefficient and expensive, a folding eBike provides a genuine solution to these issues. You might well end up looking forward to commuting with an eBike!

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