Gocycle Electric Bikes

Since the launch of its first generation back in 2009, Gocycle has made an indelible mark on the electric bike industry as the best lightweight folding eBike on the market, with a succession of generations bringing advancements and betterments on an already renowned and award-winning starting position.

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Gocycle bikes are meticulously designed with portability and convenience as top priorities. Their innovative folding mechanism sets them apart, allowing for effortless storage and easy transportation. This makes Gocycle bikes an ideal choice for daily commuters and individuals with limited storage space, offering a practical and stylish solution to urban mobility. From the entry level Gocycle G4, to the top specification Gocycle G4i+. Gocycle represent the benchmark in the folding electric bike category.

Explore the differences between the Gocycle G4, G4i & G4i+ models.

Richard Thorpe left his dream job at McLaren Cars to dedicate his life to building an eBike that should be elegant, desirable and a joy to live with and ride.

Since then, Gocycle has introduced the first eBike with Daytime Running Lights, the only bike with quick-release side-mounted wheels, and to universal acclaim one of the cleanest, most compact and best looking fast-folding eBikes imaginable with the GX and GXi in 2019.

Throughout its journey, Gocycle has consistently pushed the boundaries of eBike technology. They introduced features like the first eBike with Daytime Running Lights and the unique quick-release side-mounted wheels. In 2019, they unveiled the GX and GXi models, which garnered universal acclaim for their clean, compact, and visually stunning fast-folding design.

Gocycle embarked on a mission to reimagine every element of the traditional bicycle, resulting in a uniquely integrated machine that challenges conventional norms. As a company, Gocycle is dedicated to reshaping perceptions of what a bicycle can be and what it can achieve. We are thrilled to offer the G4 model at Fully Charged, representing the latest evolution of Gocycle's pioneering vision.

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