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Introducing the all new Bosch eBike System for 2021

The Bosch eBike system has provided new state of the art software updates for their Cargo Line, Cargo Line Speed, Performance Line Speed and Performance Line CX. Here’s a bit more info about the new software update, their new performance lines and our involvement.

Words By Henry Hayes

If you currently own the new Bosch CX motor (Gen 4) you’ll be delighted to know that for model year 2021 this unparalleled eBike system is providing software updates for their Cargo Line, Cargo Line Speed, Performance Line Speed and Performance Line CX. Here’s a bit more info about the new software update, their new performance lines and our involvement.



Software update available from summer 2020



Increased Torque


Bosch have added an extra 10 Nm of torque, now having a maximum torque of 85Nm (!) and creating further advances in its software. Our customers at Fully Charged and the wider eBike community can now benefit from an even more natural and dynamic riding sensation, with the increased drive torque ensuring greater performance, making it an even greater riding enjoyment in the city, out in the countryside and on the trails.


Kiox with Navigation Function


The new navigation function of the Kiox on-board computer supports the ambitious rider as they explore unfamiliar territories. Kiox uses the eBike Connect smartphone app to offer eBikers access to not only the physical world, the a digital one, too!


Nyon with touchscreen

The new Nyon paves the way for a better connect eBike experience. The on-board computer, with the 3.2 inch, high-resolution colour display can be operated intuitively using its touchscreen and is once again connected to the smartphone with the eBike connect app.

eShift with new variants

The eShift integrated, electronic gear shifting solution developed by Bosch together with Enviolo, Rohloff and Shimano ensures a greater riding comfort and a longer range. eShift is available in a number of new variants for the 2021 model year.


As a certified Bosch expert service centre, we are here to help you get on this new technology so that you and your bike can perform to the best of its ability! The Cargo line and performance Line CX will be installable by us as early as next month. If you have bought an eBike from Fully Charged with a Kiox display, you’ll be able to carry this out at home, or if you don’t have a Kiox display, or prefer for us to do it for you then we can update the newest software for you whilst you wait in store. This is only available to customers who have bought from Fully Charged. Cargo bikes with Cargo Speed and S-pedelecs with performance speed drive units cannot be retrofitted.


Introducing the all new Bosch eBike systems

  • Cargo Line ensures even more comfortable riding under load.
  • Performance Line Speed offers a bigger boost on daily journeys.
  • Performance Line CX has new features for eMountain bikers.


Easier acceleration with Cargo Line and Cargo Line Speed


The new Cargo Line makes goods easy and comfortable to transport on an eCargo bike. This new drive unit comes in two variants, the first with support for up to 25km/h, and then Cargo Speed for up to 45 km/h (!). With the software update, all cargo bikers will benefit from a stronger torque of 85 Nm as well as a more dynamic adjustment. The motor provides even more powerful support at low cadences. This makes those uphill starts not a battle, but easier, as well as delivering appreciable acceleration when loading up… thus ensuring a stress-free transportation of your heavy goods!


More dynamic riding sensation with Performance Line Speed


The Performance Line Speed accelerates S-pedelecs up to 45 km/h, so long distances can be covered at speed and at ease (emoji). From model year 2021 onwards the drive will provide a maximum torque of 85 Nm meaning a far bigger boost and a more dynamic riding sensation, both of which are especially prevalent at low cadences. With this new Performance Line speed, higher speeds can be achieved and longer distances can be covered effortlessly.


Performance Line CX with new features


It’s time for you to master your challenging riding situations. Developed for athletic applications, this comprehensive software update with features makes a significant difference when trail riding. The extra power comes from an increased maximum torque of up to 85 Nm in both eMTB and Turbo modes, giving eMountain bikers an unrivalled riding sensation. The performance upgrade offers full power over a broad cadence range, enabling ‘unpredictable riding situations to be mastered even more effectively," as Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems explains. This means that any eMountain bike will have more power readily available in particularly technical sections… yet still allowing the riding experience feels absolutely natural and free from jolts, even when standing on the pedals or in Turbo mode.


Here at Fully Charged we are proud to be a certified Bosch expert in the UK, and cannot wait to see our customers try out this new software update.

Words By Henry Hayes