Urban Arrow Electric Bikes

Urban Arrow is your go-to brand for electric cargo bikes, designed to meet the needs of families and businesses alike. With a focus on versatility and practicality, Urban Arrow offers a range of electric bikes capable of handling various loads, making them ideal for tasks such as school runs, package deliveries, and personal transport in urban settings. Read More

The robust base level frames such as the Urban Arrow Family, and Urban Arrow Cargo L can handle loads of up to 150kg, with their more heavy duty models such as the Urban Arrow Tender models taking it a step further by accommodating up to 300kg. What sets Urban Arrow apart is the variety of box options available, ensuring your specific transportation requirements are met. Plus, at Fully Charged, we provide the option of custom box wrapping paint jobs for business bikes to make your eCargo bike truly yours.

View how 5 different businesses utilise Urban Arrow Cargo bikes for different purposes.

Switching to Urban Arrow eCargo bikes not only provides the usual benefits of electric bikes, like eco-friendliness and cost savings, but also offers significant advantages for businesses. You can say goodbye to petrol costs and navigate through ULEZ zones hassle-free, all while avoiding traffic congestion, saving time, and making your deliveries more efficient.

Turn rush hour into fun hour, take your furry friends for a ride, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination with Urban Arrow. Their range comprises three different base models: family, shorty, and cargo, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every transportation need.

Every ride becomes an adventure with Urban Arrow, offering a unique perspective of the city as you travel from point A to point B. Experience the freedom and excitement of riding an Urban Arrow eCargo bike.

Book an appointment with our eBike specialists team today to discover the right Urban Arrow bike for you, and let us help you turn your daily transportation into a joyful experience.

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