Vok Electric Bikes

It is clear that last-mile and on-demand delivery markets are booming, with Estonian cargo bike manufacturer Vok taking sustainable transport solutions to the next step. Vok’s durable electric cargo bikes are needed to tackle the biggest challenges in urban deliveries; from speed and efficiency to improving courier working conditions and supporting human-friendly city spaces.

Through their innovative looking quadracycles, Vok are intending to implement real change and become an economically viable alternative for many van trips. Voks fit on cycle lanes, benefit from free parking, have a roof (!), have lower upkeep costs versus cars and require no license to drive.

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Fully Charged now offers Vok bikes, our first quadricycles within the business cargo bike category. These innovative vehicles provide sheltered riding and increased cargo space, making them a popular choice for businesses. Discover the advantages of this four-wheeled alternative.

Test-rides for the Vok cargo bikes are available at our London Bridge Cargo Showroom. Please get in touch if you'd like to book an appointment with a business cargo specialist. Rentals are available for short periods to test / analyse how a cargo bike can contribute to your fleet.

View more about how electric cargo bikes can help your business including case studies from companies who use anything from 1 - 100 cargo bikes.

With last-mile and on-demand delivery markets experiencing significant growth, there remains ample opportunity for enhancement. Vok's range of robust electric cargo bikes is designed to address the most significant challenges in urban deliveries. This includes improving delivery speed, efficiency, courier working conditions, and contributing to the creation of human-friendly urban environments.

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