Tern Electric Bikes

New for 2024 is the Tern Orox - a rugged adventure cargo bike. If you're looking for a bike that can handle any terrain and carry your cargo with ease, then the Tern Orox is well worth a look. To find out more about Tern's latest addition to their cargo bike range, click here.

Tern are renowned for their compact cargo bikes, with 3 different base models - Quick Haul, HSD & GSD. Learn about the differences between the Tern GSD and Tern HSD here.

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As an urban mobility business that focuses specifically on the compact cargo bike and folding electric bike sector, Tern’s range of eBikes give an unrelenting focus on ride quality and are ideal for commuting and storage purposes.

From the dutiful Tern GSD S10 LR, to the more compact Tern Quick Haul P9, all the way to the folding Tern Vektron S10, Tern's focus on practicality and quality set's a benchmark within their eBike categories.

Tern offer an exceptional eco-system of accessories to go with their bikes, so weather you're looking for weather protection, cargo carrying capability, or the perfect combination of child seats, head over to our Tern eBike Accessory page. For 2024, we have released a video covering the GSD & GSD accessories with updated colourways for the GSD, as well as some of the most popular accessory set ups.

View our Family Cargo Bike Guide which includes testimonials, video reviews & range explanations. Family Cargo Bikes has been the fastest growing sector within Fully Charged with more and more families making use of the improving cycle infrastracture, cost savings, and overall enjoyment of riding eCargo bikes.

For more detailed information on the differences between the Tern GSD, Tern HSD & Tern Quick Haul, and what might be suitable for you, we'd recommend booing an appointment with our eBike specialists. You can book a virtual appointment or physical test-ride. Whether you have children to take on the school run, goods that need transporting or if you’re loading up your bike for a weekend adventure, Tern have a strong claim to be the eBike of choice.

With the world on the verge of auto-mobility, driverless cars and ride-sharing, and with the arrival of electric vehicles, it is Tern’s ambition to help drive this force of change with a collection of eBikes and electric cargo bikes that take hills, headwinds & hassle out of commuting.

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