Fully Charged

Why we started Fully Charged

Our mission is to make a positive impact on people and our planet using incredible technology. Electric bikes bring countless benefits and we intend to raise awareness, encouraging people to become more “fully charged” by using them thus making the world a genuinely better place.

Why Now?

We are in the midst of an urban migration. As a result we are experiencing unprecedented levels of traffic congestion and pollution. The eBike is the obvious answer to solving these problems. It enables us to get around our overcrowded cities with ease, without the hassles of normal cycling and eliminating the misery of sitting for hours in traffic, wasting valuable time.

In these stressful times the eBike gives us a wonderful opportunity to escape from the busy world we live in. It is so easy to pedal off deep into the countryside, to reconnect with nature and explore the world with the knowledge that you will be able to cope with any difficulties along the way and also dramatically improve your health.

Our Ethos

As an independent London born business we are not “just another bike shop”! We are a tight knit group of enthusiasts and professionals who are committed to bringing you the best in eBike technology.

We are a new category of commuter, who welcome the weekenders, explorers, tube takers, city-slickers, eco-warriors, gas guzzlers and anyone else who cares to move faster, silent and serenely through the city. Come in, plug in, gear up and head the distance.