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Bosch Nyon
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Bosch Nyon


The first all-in-one on-board computer for eBikes

The latest in eBike technology from Bosch - Nyon on-board computer encompasses dynamic ride information, satellite navigation, health monitoring and smartphone connection into a colourful, user friendly system.

You can purchase the Nyon in 2 forms:

1. Bosch Nyon LCD Display - this is simply the LCD Bosch Nyon display, this can be used as a direct replacement for an Intuvia display - £320

2. Retrofit Complete Kit - this is includes the Nyon Display, Nyon Control Unit, Bosch Display Holder for Nyon, USB charging lead, & rubber mounts  - £400


Sporty or relaxed, the power is at your disposal. Rider has the choice of 4 power modes - Eco, Tour, Sport & Turbo. Flick through power modes easily with your left thumb.

Be it battery level, time, gear-change recommendation or distance covered - Nyon always provides you with relevant ride information while in eBiking view.

You can customize the interface to make Nyon even more convenient. Define your cockpit out of 30 different options and three design suggestions.


Plan your journey via the smartphone portal, eBike connect app or on Nyon. Choose between quiet routes, fast routes, picturesque routes or eMTB specific routes.

'Get me to work' and 'get my home' functionality gives you quick solutions for regular destinations.  In addition you can add interim destinations to stop off and experience beautiful places along the way.

There's up to 8gb of storage on Nyon, meaning you can import GPX files via eBike connect, and download maps for offline use when exploring the wilderness.


The training function allows you to keep track of progress whether your training for a competition, riding to work or for recreational purposes. Nyon will inform and motivate you with all the relevant information.

For an online evaluation, you can connect to the portal and see an overview of how effectively your training. It will also show you how much you've been helping the environment!

Smartphone Function

Connect your phone for integration with eBike Connect. Here you can access the networked eBike world for more comfort, safety and individuality when riding.

Nyon will also inform you of SMS receipts with a message on the screen. You can reply to these messages when stationary by using the joystick control located by your left thumb, ensuring you never have to take your hands off the handlebar for maximum safety.

Also, a micro USB slot can be used for charging your phone off the eBike battery.

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