The advantages of using an eBike are vast, and our range caters to a diverse group of individuals, families & businesses seeking efficient, reliable and enjoyable transportation. Whether you require an eBike for commuting, cargo hauling, or adventure riding, Fully Charged is proud to offer an extensive variety of models from the world's leading manufacturers.

All of our eBikes come with a 2 year warranty and a six week health check as standard. Any eBike ordered online qualifies for free UK delivery.

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All of our eBikes come with a 2 year warranty and a six week health check as standard. Any eBike ordered online over £2000 qualifies for free UK delivery.

Not convinced? Come down to one of the Fully Charged Stores where we offer free-test rides 6 days a week and extended test rides for people who wish to try out their commute.

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New, Nearly New & Pre-Loved

The eBike Sale

For those wanting premium electric bikes at reduced prices - look no further!

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Transporting Goods

Electric Cargo Bikes

Carrying goods, or precious family cargo - these bikes can help with costs, environmental impact, journey times and enjoyment.

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Best For Cities

Urban eBikes

eBikes are an excellent choice for commuters in the city and beyond - making a fun, fast and sweat-free ride an option for everyone.

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Mixed Purpose

Hybrid eBikes

Commute in the week, explore on the weekend. Our most popular category features the very best from Moustache, Riese & Müller, Tern & More.

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Gocycle is a British brand that produces innovative and stylish electric bicycles known for their lightweight design and advanced features.

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Moustache Bikes is a French brand renowned for manufacturing high-quality electric bicycles that blend performance, comfort, and distinctive design.

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Riese & Müller

Riese & Müller

Riese & Müller is a German bicycle manufacturer known for crafting premium electric bikes that combine cutting-edge technology, exceptional craftsmanship, and a focus on versatile riding experiences.

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Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow is a Dutch brand recognized for producing innovative electric cargo bikes that are designed to efficiently transport goods and people in urban environments, offering a sustainable alternative to cars.

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Super73 is a popular American electric bike brand that produces stylish and powerful "electric motorbikes" designed for off-road adventures and urban cruising, providing a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern technology.

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Tern is a leading eBike manufacturer specialising in folding & cargo electric bicycles that offer convenience, versatility, and eco-friendly travel for urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts.

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