eCargo Bike Rentals from Fully Charged Silverstone

Hire Packages from just £15 per day

eCargo bikes are increasingly popular, as businesses and families alike wake up to the practical benefits of these eco-friendly bikes. While many choose to invest in their own eCargo bike, we now also offer a rental service to allow you to try at a more manageable cost before you buy.

eCargo bikes are ideal for transporting goods to locations which are too far away or impractical for a standard bike. The large cargo holder at the front, or on the back, of the bike is perfect for food deliveries, mobile businesses and pop-up shops...or anything that requires more load space than you can carry.

Why use an eCargo bike?

In addition to lowering carbon emissions, eCargo bikes have many advantages:

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Cheap to run

Using eCargo bikes can lead to significant cost savings when compared to cars and other road vehicles. They also require less maintenance and are easier to park! Over time, this can mean substantial savings for families or businesses.


Avoid congestion

eCargo bikes are great for navigating through congested areas and down narrow roads with ease. You can take advantage of bike lanes to avoid getting stuck in traffic, making deliveries quicker and more efficient.


Health benefits

We all know exercise is good for us! Riding an eCargo bike provides physical activity opportunities, contributing to improved fitness and well-being. When you make the switch from a motorised vehicle to an e-bike, you’ll feel the difference in your health. 

School run alternative

School run alternative

Try an eCargo bike fitted with child seats to beat the school gate traffic jam and be the envy of other parents as you whizz away to get on with your day.


Transport more goods

eCargo bikes are available in a range of designs and configurations to accommodate different types of cargo. They can carry significant loads, especially when compared to traditional bikes. Our eCargo bikes feature large cargo boxes or platforms, making them suitable for commercial purposes.

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Promote your business

Everyone loves a business that embraces the environment and aims to reduce its carbon footprint. Using an eCargo bike helps build a positive image that can make you more attractive to potential customers. 

eCargo Bike Rentals and Short-Term Hire

You can hire an eCargo bike for: £450 a month, inclusive of VAT; £125 a week three-day weekend (Friday noon to Monday noon) for just £100.

£450 a month, inclusive of VAT;

£125 a week, or a three-day weekend (Friday noon to Monday noon) for just £100.

We’ll deliver and collect your bike for free, as long as you’re within 20 miles of NN12 8GX. If you’re slightly further away, we’ll charge £20 for delivery and collection within a 40-mile radius. Give us a call to discuss if you’re further away still!

eCargo Bike Rentals from Fully Charged Silverstone 

Our fleet of eCargo rental bikes includes the following:

Riese and Muller Load 60 Rohloff Dual Battery

Urban Arrow Cargo L with locking box (extra battery option available). Urban Arrow Cargo XL flatbed (extra battery option available)

With each rental, we provide a Gold Standard lock to keep your bike safe as well as insurance at no extra cost to you. 

eCargo Bike Rental Pricing 

This is truly a try-before-you-buy package, with your rental costs refunded if you decide to purchase an eBike following your rental.  Call us today and transform your logistic load. We look forward to seeing you! 

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eCargo Transport Service Within the UK

We work with eCargo bikes daily and we’re well aware that they are large and difficult to move by car when you need to change areas. If you find you need to transport your eCargo bike, why not give us a call? We’re expert in the movement and delivery of eCargo bikes for any occasion.

If you need to transport your eCargo bike for any reason, just get in touch for a quotation.

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