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Flyon 2019 - Haibike's Latest Announcements

Way back during the peak of summer, Haibike launched a brand new range of eMTBs with what was billed as the highest torque produced on a crank driven eBike motor.

Coming to the end of 2018, with the 2019 season almost upon us, we thought we’d break down the long list of Haibike’s announcements so you know what to look for going into 2019…

Flyon Motor

Delivering a massive 120Nm of torque, it is fair to say that we cannot wait to put this motor through its paces. Developed and built in Germany, the HPR120S runs a specially designed 42/38T front chain ring, efficiently transmitting power from the motor down to the drive train.

The Flyon motor system has moved away from the spoke magnet and sensor system. Instead Haibike has opted for a sensor disc. Situated on the left dropout, this disc provides 18 speed-readings per rotation of the wheel, to quote Haibike ‘(it) measures speed 18 times more accurately than all other system on the market’. According to Haibike this allows for a more accurate reaction to low speed pull aways.


A new motor wouldn’t be able to fly without a new battery to power it. Thankfully Haibike has developed a 630Wh fully integrated and removable battery to compliment the Flyon motor. As of publishing we have no range data to compare to other systems on the market – Bosch or Yamaha. Security wise, the battery is locked into the downtube.

Haibike Display and Controller

To complete the trio on the new Flyon system, Haibike has developed a subtle but comprehensive screen. Placed centrally on the handlebar stem with a low mounting, the display shows a specific colour for assistance mode, while also displaying ride data such as cadence, average speed and distance travelled.

Selecting assistance mode and scrolling through ride info shouldn’t be a big occasion that draws your eyes away from your ride and on to the controller. Haibike’s new controller sits within easy reach from the riders left thumb allowing your eyes to stay on the prize while you tear down the trails.

Carbon Frame

To shave off a few grams here and there, while maintaining a tough frame design, Haibike has developed a new carbon frame. Built to take the 630Wh battery, which slides up the down-tube. This system was built as a weight saver. Also integrated into the frame are eight LEDs allowing you to ride at night, even if you forgot to charge your strap on lights…

The Flyon Range launches on the 25th September and we are as excited as you are to test ride these fantastic new eMTBs. We will keep you updated once we hear more on important stats such as battery range, motor power and weight.

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