Family Cargo Bikes

Electric Cargo Bikes offer a highly versatile and efficient way for families to get around, whether it's the school run or weekend fun! We exclusively offer eCargo bikes equipped with the robust Bosch Cargo Line motors designed to endure the added weight, in combination with dependable Bosch batteries.

There are 2 types of Family Cargo Bikes, Front-Loaders & Rear-Loaders. Front-loaders can transport up to 3 children, while the compact rear-loaders can carry up to 2 children. These bikes are perfect for carrying not just kids, you can carry an adult, your grandparent, dogs, groceries or even your gardening equipment.

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In recent years, we've witnessed significant enhancements in the range of accessories available for cargo bikes. Brands like Tern, Riese & Müller, and Urban Arrow now offer weather protection and a variety of seating options tailored to accommodate passengers of various sizes. To help you find the ideal configuration, we recommend reaching out to our eBike specialists, who can guide you and showcase the best choices.

At Fully Charged, we've made a deliberate choice to exclusively carry family cargo bikes equipped with the dependable Bosch eBike System. The Bosch crank drive motor is designed to withstand heavy loads, ensuring it delivers the most reliable and powerful performance available on the market.

Save on journey times, congestion charge, parking fees and reduce your carbon footprint! Electric Cargo Bikes have been dubbed the 'car killer', Proving to be healthy and practical alternative for those wishing to reduce costs, increase exercise and improve your wallet, your fuel bill, your overall fitness, and the planet.

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Family Cargo Bike Guide

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Family Cargo Bike

Best Family Cargo Bike Video Review

We take you on deep dive at the very best family electric cargo bikes on the market for this year.

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New for 2024 there have been some exciting releases in the family cargo bike category. Riese & Müller have released their Compact Front-Loading Cargo Bike, the Riese & Müller Carrie. Tern have released their rugged off-road adventure cargo bike, the Tern Orox and Gocycle have joined the party with their Gocycle CX folding cargo bike range.

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