The Gocycle Cargo Bike: Joining the Urban Transportation Revolution
The Gocycle Cargo Bike: Joining the Urban Transportation Revolution

The Gocycle Cargo Bike: Joining the Urban Transportation Revolution

Urban mobility has witnessed a revolution in recent years, with electric cargo bikes gaining popularity as a gamechanging mode of transportation for families and businesses alike. However, just when we thought we had seen it all, Gocycle throws us a plot twist with the introduction of the CXi and CX+ Family Cargo bikes. These innovative electric cargo bikes bring a new level of versatility to urban commuting and family transportation.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Gocycle CXi and CX+ Family Cargo bikes, exploring their unique features, design philosophy, and the benefits they offer to urban dwellers. 

OneDesignDNA®: A Class of One

Gocycle's OneDesignDNA® philosophy runs throughout all aspects of the new CXi and CX+ Family Cargo electric bikes. From the patented side-mounted Pitstopwheels® to the absence of exposed cables and gears, the Gocycle Cargo Bike differentiates itself from the competition. The cohesive design language ensures instant recognition and showcases Gocycle's urban electric bike provenance.

FloFit® Handlebar: Unparalleled Comfort and Control

Gocycle's all-new FloFit® handlebar brings a leap in rider ergonomics and comfort. Whether you prefer an upright riding position or a forward racing style, the FloFit® handlebar adjusts to suit you. With its adjustable reach, height, grip angle, multiple hand positions, and fingertip controls, the FloFit® handlebar ensures a personalized and comfortable riding experience. It also includes an optional Quad-lock® mounting point, allowing you to easily attach accessories. The FloFit® handlebar is exclusively available on the halo Gocycle CX+ variant.

5-Speed Belt Drive: Power and Performance

The Gocycle Cargo Bike is equipped with a 5-Speed Shimano Nexus hub belt drive, providing an extended gear range for carrying extra loads and stretching your legs on the flats. The ultra-smooth and premium Gates CDX carbon belt drive, integrated with Gocycle's patented Cleandrive®, delivers rider protection, easy cleaning, and class-leading aesthetics. Say goodbye to traditional chains and enjoy a seamless and maintenance-free riding experience.

WingPillar Frame®: Strength and Versatility

The bold new WingPillar Frame® design of the Gocycle Cargo Bike builds on Gocycle's F1-inspired monocoque chassis DNA. With advanced engineering and high-tech composite materials, the frame is lightweight yet incredibly strong. It has been tested to meet high-load and safety standards, making it capable of carrying heavy loads, including children and pets. The rear deck is compatible with MIK child seats and accessories, allowing for easy customisation and multimodal configurations.

Lightweight & Stowable: Convenience at Its Best

Unlike traditional cargo bikes, The Gocycle is designed with portability and manoeuvrability in mind. With its class-leading lightweight design of just 23 kg/50 lbs, it is easy to store in tight spaces and effortlessly transportable with cars, boats, and motorhomes. Whether you live in a city apartment or enjoy traveling, the Gocycle Cargo Bike offers unparalleled convenience and versatility.

Pre-Order Information

The Gocycle Cargo Bike is available for pre-order now. The Gocycle CXi is expected to be priced from £5,999 at launch, while the halo CX+ version, featuring the pioneering FloFit® handlebar, will be available from £6,999. Please note that all technical specifications and pricing are subject to change, with final production specifications and pricing to be confirmed in Spring.

Secure your place as one of the world's first Gocycle Family Cargo owners by placing a fully refundable £499 deposit by getting in touch with our team. As an early adopter, you will receive exclusive content and updates leading up to the full production of this pioneering new model.

Written by Max Jaconelli

Max is the maestro who looks after our website, and has been at Fully Charged since the beginning. He rides a Riese & Müller Tinker, and is a Turbo mode enthusiast.