SUPER73 - The Video Review
SUPER73 - The Video Review

SUPER73 - The Video Review

Karta Healy takes us on a serene spin through London, showcasing the SG-1 in all it's glory.

The SUPER73 SG range is one of the most head-turning, talked about eBikes of the year, with SGs and SG1s heading out of the showroom doors almost daily! We have a very limited selection of SUPER73 SG and SG1s left, so to help you decide on two SUPER73 models in the range we have run through the differences.

First off is the battery capacity, featured on the SG is a 422Wh lithium ion battery with a maximum range of up to 30 miles. Upping the capacity by 274Wh to 696Wh on the SG1 means the rider will be able to travel assisted distances of up to 40 miles.

Next up are the brakes, equipped on the SG are mechanical disc brakes while the SG1’s stopping power comes from hydraulic disc brakes. Though both are powerful and more than capable of doing the job, they each have their pros and cons.

The next differences are not so noticeable to the naked eye. Starting with the way the power is delivered by the eBike, the SG1 has a torque sensor, while the SG has a cadence sensor. The key difference between the two is the cadence sensor detects if you are pedalling, while the torque sensor works out how hard you are pedalling, and applies the power proportionally from this.

Whittling down the differences, we come to the charger and accessories. Due to the bigger battery on the SG1, it comes with a faster charger (5A), opposed to the SG which comes with a 2A charger. The next significant difference is the mudguard/fenders. The SG1 comes out of the box with them as standard, but if you’re opting for the SG, fear not, you can order the mudguards here separately! One final difference comes in the colour options. The SG is available in Army Green, while the SG1 comes in White or Black, however only White models are available!

The beauty of an eBike is that its versatility allows it to do most of these things. So Karta Healy took one out for an extended spin, and let us know his thoughts, ideas and practical uses for this one of a kind eBike. Watch the video below!

Written by Max