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Tern Dog Roof Mini Black one size

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Tern Dog Roof Mini


The Dog Roof Mini is an innovative cover specially designed for the Soft Crate Mini, ensuring your dog's safety and adding a touch of style to their ride. It offers the option to open the roof, allowing your furry friend to enjoy an open-air experience, or zip it closed to provide protection from rain and keep your dog secure. The cover features pup-friendly mesh side panels that promote proper air circulation, contributing to your dog's well-being during the journey.


The Dog Roof Mini is part of the Doghouse Mini collection, which consists of a soft pet crate suitable for small to mid-sized dogs weighing up to 13.5 kg (30 lb). Its convertible roof boasts two windows that can be easily opened, rolled up, and conveniently tucked away, allowing for a delightful open-air riding experience. Crafted from durable fabric and equipped with mesh panels, the cover is designed for effortless cleaning, ensuring long-lasting use.


Please note that the Dog Roof Mini is intended for use with the Soft Crate Mini and requires the Clubhouse Mini for installation. To ensure compatibility, please refer to the list of compatible bikes available. It's important to mention that the Doghouse Mini was specifically created for trained small to mid-sized dogs. If you have a different type of pet or are unsure whether your dog would feel comfortable in the Doghouse Mini, we strongly recommend consulting with your veterinarian for expert guidance and advice.


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