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Tern Clubhouse Mini

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Tern Clubhouse Mini


Introducing the Clubhouse Mini, the ultimate bike accessory that combines convenience and versatility. With the ability to accommodate one child in a child seat or one big kid on the Clubhouse MadPad, this product is perfect for family adventures.


The extended side rails ensure the safety of little hands, while the spacious 400 x 400 mm interior provides ample room for groceries when you're traveling solo. It's not just for passengers though - the Clubhouse Mini easily converts into a heavy-duty grocery-hauler. And with features like vertical parking, four bottle mounts, and compatibility with various accessories, it's a must-have for any cyclist. Refer to our Passenger Guide for additional safety requirements.



502 × 532 × 243 mm (19.8 × 20.9 × 9.6 in)



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