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For years, the benefits of electric bikes have been enjoyed by our cousins on the continent, but they are a relatively new concept to our shores. So, what is an eBike, what are the benefits of riding with motor assistance and how do you go about choosing one?

eBikes can be many things to many people. Whether a tool for business, a way to extend your cycling commute or to simply have fun, there’s an eBike out there for everyone.

The Benefits of eBikes

Icon for healthy body

Healthy Body

No pain no gain is a thing of the past!

Forget the stress of public transport, sitting in traffic, or struggling up a hill on a bicycle, eBikes are a super-fun, fast and liberating alternative. Enjoy every aspect of your ride and arrive smiling and perspiration-free!

Icon for healthy planet

Healthy Planet

The need for our city to get a grip on its toxic air has never been more important, after reaching yearly legal pollution limit within a month in 2018!.

eBikes offer a sustainable method of transport that contributes to a cleaner, less congested city.

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Healthy Mind

eBikes are fantastic machines, helping to reduce the stress associated with cycling. Forget worrying about the hills and arriving hot and bothered, eBike offer only the best bits, the fun, the smiles, the enjoyment you get out of cycling - whist, - feeling superhuman!.

Icon for healthy wallet

Healthy Wallet

With increased taxation on fossil-fuelled vehicles and rising costs of public transport the eBike alternative is very financially attractive! With clever ways to purchase including 0% finance, cycle schemes and leasing, you can spread the costs and make great savings!

Which eBike is right for you?

Icon for urban eBikes

Urban eBikes

Ride around the city in style. Travel further, faster and stress-free.

Icon for folding eBikes

Folding eBikes

Explore further afield! Ride off the beaten path and travel further.

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Ditch the car or van. Carry loads throughout the city more efficiently - and save money!

Icon for eMTB


Ride more trail faster and have more fun! Make more of your riding time!

How eBikes work: Hub Drive vs Crank Drive

How eBikes work:
Hub Drive vs Crank Drive

Crank Drive

With crank drive systems, the motor replaces the bottom bracket, keeping the centre of gravity low and central, making for more balanced ride. Typically crank drives are more intuitive, with triple sensor technology used to measure pedalling power, cadence and speed 1000 times a second to ensure the force of the motor is harmoniously coordinated with the riders’ cycling style.

The Crank drive bikes are also more advanced in other ways, for example many of the Motor manufacturers have a “diagnostic” capability. This enables Specialist shops like ourselves, with the correct training and investment in equipment, to plug into your bike and get an accurate health check. Perhaps it’s reporting an error, or even a potential error that can be resolved before it causes a problem. Preventative maintenance is a great tool for saving money. The Diagnostic system can also often be updated – thus allowing you and your eBike to benefit from any new features or functions that may be released.

Hub Drive

A hub motor is a motor unit mounted in the front, back (or in some cases both) wheels. Sensors detect a rider’s pedaling and power is sent to the motor. The extra propulsion helps the rider on, pushing from the rear or pulling from the front.As the name suggests, these have the Motor in the Front or less frequently, the Rear wheel.

There are various sensors that determine you’re speeding up, or slowing down, and whilst there might be different power levels, the bike still turns the Motor “on” or “off” as appropriate. This can sometimes give the feeling that the Bike is taking the rider, when perhaps they weren’t expecting it.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can book a test-ride at either our flagship store in London Bridge or our Silverstone Test Centre via our homepage or any product page on our website.

We are based at Unit 6, Arch 5 Crucifix Lane (SE1 3JW), and only a 3 minute walk from London Bridge train station and the iconic Shard. If you’re spending the day coming to see us, then pop into Vinegar Yard for some excellent street-food, and say hi to Drew at Blackyard Coffee, which is the trapdoor at the top of Bermondsey Street!

Our Silverstone Test Centre is on 225 Silverstone Park, Silverstone, Towcester NN12 8GX, and only a stone’s throw away from the iconic British racecourse.

Our service centre is on 891-894 Holyrood St, London, SE1 2EL

A typical appointment with an eBike specialist is 30 minutes, including a test-ride for anything up to 15 minutes.
All of our eBike Specialists want to put you on the right bike for your requirements and as such you may find yourself trying out a selection of bikes that we offer on display.
Yes! We try as much as possible to have as many models of our range of brands available for you to test-ride. In some cases we may not have the exact frame size of the bike you’d like to test-ride, but we carry at least one demo of a particular model you would like. If you’d like to find out if your model is available for demo please email us at info@fullycharged.com

Aftercare Support for your ebike

Whether you’re local to one of our locations, or you live far away, we will provide support to you for anything you purchase from us. MAX For bikes that are bought first six months

Our recommendation here at Fully Charged is for you to keep up and not catch up, as it will cost significantly more to repair a problem than it will to prevent one.

In the unlikely event that you experience an issue with your new eBike, where a simple fix cannot be found remotely, for the first six months we will cover the costs of the six months, just get in touch. As a Fully Charged rider, our team are always here to help work with you to find a solution.

If you can bring your eBike bike

Our support for riders that don’t live near us

If you have bought your eBike from us at Fully Charged and can

In the unlikely scenario that you have any issues, you can contact us via our service centre page where you can book an appointment to see one of the technical support teams. All of our eBikes are under a 2 year warranty on any of the electrical components, as well as 5 years on the frame. Most bike shops can work on the regular analogue components and carry any additional spares if needed. As your certified eBike dealer, we can supply them to you or your local bike shop. If you have a Bosch eBike and need a diagnostic, you can look online to see the nearest available expert to your address.
In the unlikely event that you experience a warranty issue with your new eBike and where a simple fix cannot be found remotely, for the first six months we will cover the costs of all warranty service, including return shipping, labour and parts, If you are outside of the six months, just get in touch. As a Fully Charged rider, our Technical Support team is always here to help work with you to find a solution.
At Fully Charged we pride ourselves on putting our riders first, and as such we only repair and maintain eBikes bought by Fully Charged customers. If you have bought an eBike either online or at another retailer, we suggest you speak to them directly to see where you can get your bike seen too. Similarly if you have converted your own eBike from the comfort of home, we cannot be of assistance. We are proud to be an eBike specific retailer, and as such do not cater for any eScooter repairs.
Our phrase we say to every customer during their handover is to ‘keep up’ and not ‘catch up’ when it comes to maintaining your eBike. We always advise you bring your eBike in for a service either to us or another shop locally to you once a year. For more information regarding the type of services we offer, please click here. repairs.
We offer a two year warranty on any electrical components of the eBikes we sell and a five year warranty on the frame repairs.


Here at Fully Charged we only sell pedal-assist electric bikes. Pedal-assist eBikes are legal in the UK. While you should do your own research about your local legislation, pedal-assist bikes are the most widely accepted electric bikes and you can usually ride them anywhere you can a traditional bike. If an eBike has electrical assistance when travelling at more than 25kph (15.5mph), has a motor which generates more than 250 Watts of power or motor assistance that is provided without the bike’s pedals being in motion, they are legally treated as a moped or motorcycle.


We accept debit cards, credit cards, mobile payments, electronic bank transfers and cash. We do not accept AmEx. If Bitcoin continues the way it’s going, we may be adding another payment method (!).
We work with a number of different cycle scheme providers here at Fully Charged. The application process couldn’t be easier. For more information regarding how you pay via the Cycle-to-Work scheme please click here.
We offer finance from 0.0% APR over 12 months courtesy of our finance provider, V12. To pay using finance add an eBike to your cart, and select the finance option during the checkout process.
Like buying a pair of jeans, sizing differs between brands. Most bikes will have the recommended body height in the drop down of the frame size feature on the product page. If you cannot find a frame size guide, feel free to email us at info@fullycharged.com

We take huge pride in finding the right eBike for you, and in doing so very rarely find a scenario in which customers are unhappy with their order. However, if you do wish to cancel your order within 30 days of receiving the goods as long as the bike is brand new, and in original packaging. Fully Charged reserves the right to make a refund less any costs relating to loss in value as a result of damage, mishandling, or other devaluation though use of the goods. You are also entitled to exchange your bike at Fully Charged. For both returns and exchanges you are responsible for the shipping fees. You can use a courier of your choice or we can assist with the shipping arrangements.

Special order items built to a custom specification are not eligible for returns. For example with Riese and Müller and Desiknio’s, no changes can be made to the order from 48 hours after the order is placed. Any cancellation request will be considered on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to hold a £500 cancellation fee to any Riese and Muller or Desiknio product.

For more information regarding our policy on refunds and exchanges please go to our T&C’s page here. For more information regarding delivery and aftercare please click here.

We understand that you have other options when considering your purchase in today’s competitive marketplace, but we’d love to have you as part of Fully Charged. We strive to offer unbeatable service and competitive prices, so if you do find something cheaper elsewhere, please do get in touch, providing proof of a lower price and we’ll do our best to match it.

Shipping / Collection

We typically have anywhere from 150 - 250 eBikes in stock in London, with many more being scheduled for delivery throughout the year. If a bike is in stock online, delivery is estimated for up to 5 working days from the point of order. If the online status is ‘back in stock soon’, do get in touch and one of our team will give you the estimated date.

Free shipping: You’ll need to remove the bike from it’s box, straighten the handlebars and tighten with an allen key. The pedals will also need to be screwed on to its corresponding sides and tightened with a spanner. Accessories will be fitted by Fully Charged so long as the bike still fits in the box, otherwise accessories will be sent separately.

Dedicated courier: An Addison Lee or similar will deliver your bike fully assembled. Protective packaging is used to ensure no transit damage will occur, and the driver will have the phone number to ensure a smooth delivery. All accessories will be fitted to the bike.

Premium delivery: A member of the team will drop the bike off in our electric van fully assembled and ready to ride. We’ll do a detailed handover of the bike including feature explanations and give you top tips for keeping your bike well maintained.

Cargo Bikes: Cargo bikes always are collected or delivered fully assembled. Please note, cargo bikes do not qualify for free delivery.

Of course! You have the option of ordering any of our products online and collecting them from our store, should you so wish.
We only offer essential warranty work, repairs and servicing to bikes that have been bought from us at Fully Charged. This is a policy that has been put in place to not only give our customers a five star service, but also due to the fact that we do not stock available parts to brands that we do not sell here at Fully Charged. As the UK’s premium eBike retailer, we do not sell eScooters and cannot unfortunately be of assistance.

General Questions

UK law states that for road use, electric bicycles must stop assisting at 15.5 MPH then you can push faster with your legs if you want. There are manufacturers who make HS (high-speed) eBikes which have to be type approved and registered with the DVLA. Riders will also need a CBT license, insurance and have to wear a helmet.
Anywhere between 15 and 200 miles. There are many variants that determine range - battery capacity, terrain, speed, rider weight and many more. Crank drive bikes from Bosch often have larger ranges, and some Bosch eBikes have the option for Dual Battery technology with a 1250Wh capacity!
Depending on the battery, charge times range between 2 hours and 5 hours. All of our bikes use lithium ion technology meaning you don’t have to let the battery run flat before charging them up.
Batteries range in overall lifespan. All of the bikes we sell have a 2 year warranty which include the battery. A Bosch eBike battery for example is guaranteed for 2 years, or 500 charge cycles. That being said, the lifespan is likely to be much longer. In fact Bosch themselves state that the battery should be good for around 10 years or 1500 full charge cycles.
No, you do not. It qualifies as a standard bicycle as long as it emits 250Watts and the assistance is limited to 15.5mph. However you must be over 14 years old to ride on the road.
Absolutely, we encourage test rides as much as possible, they are the best way to understand how fantastic these machines are. You can visit our showrooms in London Bridge or Silverstone and choose from our large range of demo eBikes we have in store, and we can talk you through what bike best fits your needs.Overnight test-rides are also available for those wanting to test out their commute.
For those outside the UK, we offer express international shipping. Please contact us before making your purchase for a shipping quotation. Purchases made online will be offered a standard shipping rate, but due to the complexity of shipping routes and the shape and sizes of bikes shipped, these are subject to change. Please note that we reserve the right to adjust shipping charges and we will contact you in the event of any change.
For purchases made in store by overseas visitors to the UK and entitled European Union residents exporting goods from the EU, we can offer a completed VAT 407 application for tax-free shopping. Present the completed form along with the goods at the point of exit of the UK within three months of your purchase to claim the UK VAT refund.For door-to-door export shipments to customers outside of the European Union, or to a business outside of the UK with a valid EU VAT number, we can remove the UK VAT on your invoice. Please contact us for your VAT-free quotation including shipping.*Free shipping available to mainland UK addresses for selected bikes over £2000. Due to the size and weight of the Bultaco Electric Bikes and our eCargo bikes, we are unable to provide shipping on these items. We are sorry but we cannot offer free shipping on discounted bikes.A free health check is offered on all bikes purchased in store. Please contact us in advance to book your service appointment. Bikes are returned at the customer's expense.Shipping costs associated with repairs or returns are the responsibility of the customer. In the unusual event that your product is not functioning correctly , you must return it to us for inspection by our trained mechanics who will, with the manufacturer's guidance, make the decision to either repair, replace or refund in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act (2015).