Butchers & Bicycles Electric Bikes

In the bustling streets of Copenhagen, a city known for its passion for cycling and innovative design, Butchers & Bicycles has emerged the leading 3-wheeler in the electric cargo bike category. Founded with a profound love for cycling and a commitment to sustainable urban transportation, this Danish company has created a 3 wheeled cargo bike that marries functionality with aesthetics.

The Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E electric cargo bike is born from the hands of craftsmen in the heart of Copenhagen. Each component is carefully selected, and every detail meticulously considered. This dedication to craftsmanship ensures that every bike that bears the Butchers & Bicycles name is a testament to quality and precision. Read More

What sets Butchers & Bicycles apart is their revolutionary tilting cargo bike design. These electric cargo bikes provide a ride experience that's remarkably close to that of a traditional two-wheel bike, all while offering the spaciousness and practicality of a three-wheeler. This ingenious design allows riders to navigate urban streets with unparalleled agility and grace. You'll feel like you're gliding through the city, effortlessly maneuvering tight corners and busy intersections.

Butchers & Bicycles understands that an electric cargo bike should not just excel in function but also exude elegance. Their bikes are a true embodiment of this philosophy. With sleek lines, premium finishes, and attention-grabbing aesthetics, these cargo bikes are a statement of style on the road. Whether you're using it for family outings, grocery runs, or even business deliveries, you'll do so with panache.

In Copenhagen, where cycling is not just a means of transport but a way of life, Butchers & Bicycles has carved out a niche as a brand that delivers not just bikes, but a new way to experience urban mobility. It's a fusion of Danish design ethos, passion for cycling, and commitment to sustainability that results in electric cargo bikes that are as beautiful as they are functional. With Butchers & Bicycles, you're not just riding a bike; you're riding a masterpiece of Danish engineering and design.

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